I am answering correctly but it tells me I am wrong

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To clarify what trunklayer said: only enter one reading at a time, so either にん or じん

I’ll hijack this thread - is there a way to type multiple answers (this is mostly regarding vocab meaning)? I tried meaning1, meaning2 but it doesn’t work. Usually there is a pop-up after typing only one (it would be nice if it had remaining synonyms without having to open the info panel though…) and having opportunity to type multiple would be nice (logic could be either all typed have to be correct or at least one has to be correct and remaining wrong could be only marked with strikethrough)

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There is no way to do it at the moment to my knowledge. You get to use/practice the other readings through the vocabulary.

A single kanji could also have a lot of readings. 生 being one of them.

The problem with your suggestion to put in multiple answers, in my opinion, wouldn’t work well in this system. If you have meaning 1 correct and meaning 2 wrong it and still be considered correct, that might reinforce the wrong answer as well. So it is best to just put in 1 answer if a kanji has more than one acceptable reading. You can always rotate the answers if you want.

As I said it is probably just better to stick to one and you will get the other readings while doing the vocabulary.

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I think someone did actually make a script for it


It’s here - Wanikani Multiple Answer Input


Trunklayer san is that you!


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There’s also this script Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer which automatically gives you an extra line after you answered with the correct meaning/reading when wrong and any extra meanings/readings so you get so see them without having to open the info panel.

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Thank you for the scripts - helps a lot! :slight_smile:

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