Un-burn everything?

I’ve been reading books in Japanese and using KaniWani (don’t even ask how many reviews I have there) and I keep coming across kanji/vocabulary that I think I’ve never seen before, only to realize I burnt them months ago and have just forgotten.

What I’d like to be able to do is, just once, set all of my “burned” items to “enlightened”, and go through them again. Anything I remember would be burned again immediately, but anything I don’t would be back to the drawing board for a bit. I definitely don’t want to start from scratch on any of them, but I want to see how many I’ve forgotten.

I swear there used to be an option to turn off burning, but I don’t see it anymore, and even then I’m not sure it would do what I want. Is there? Can I? Will it?

I think un-burning an item always sets it back to apprentice. I’m not aware of any script that can change this. You can however review burned items with scripts. I know Item Inspector is capable of doing it by making a table of burned items and quizzing them.


is the next best thing i know of to batch unburn stuff but here as well it’s set back to apprentice, not enlightened. you could batch retire them again after a while, though.

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This is true. The procedure is given in the top post of the Item Inspector script. You can also study burned item with Self-Study Quiz without the help of Item Inspector. Go see the Burned items section on the Item Inspector thread top post.



You could use KameSame to run through WaniKani items by level in “placement test” mode to automatically burn the ones you pass and send the rest into apprentice.

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