Is there currently a way to unburn all items?

Took a few months off, and I’m low enough in burned vocab that I’d prefer to just reset them.
I tried using greasemonkey (Firefox) and the WK open framework + Burn Manager scripts, but no luck. Nothing showing up.

Anyone know of a way of doing this that currently works?



Burn Manger lets you resurrect burned items by level. If you have it installed, click on ‘Account’ in the upper-right corner of your regular Wanikani page. Underneath scripts, click on Open>Burn Manger. You should see something like this:

Make your selection and click Excute.


Got it to show up via switching to Tampermonkey and reinstalling scripts.

Thanks @Shunrin for the screenshot of the location, also!

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At what stage are the items after that? 1 Apprentice? Enlightened?