Level 60, but would like to revisit old kanji / vocab without resetting. . . anyway to do that?

I’ve been level 60 for maybe 2ish years now, reading as much as I can to practice and retain, but I’ve been wanting to go back and review burned items and practice kanji I might not encounter as much.

Problem one is I never burned all the things at 60 so I have about 650 items in review pile.

Problem two is how to go review already burned things.

Any tips?

I’m wondering if I should just start back at level one, but I’d rather not waste time reviewing things I for sure know. I’d rather just unburn things I’ve forgotten.


I know that @rfindley made a Burn Manager userscript. Hopefully, this will help!


Quite a few options actually, depending on what you want.

  1. WaniKani native feature: Extra Study
    This allows you to review burnt items. Downside: the list is everything you’ve already burnt, which, at level 60, is probably substantial. You have no control over which items pop up, although they are reviewed back-to-back (meaning/reading in random order), so you can quit and resume whenever you like. There are scripts that give you a bit more control what to review (and in what order).

  2. Scripts: Self Study Quiz + Item Inspector
    Item Inspector allows you to make a selection of WK items (per level, per stage, per… whatever really) and Self Study Quiz is then a practice review round on those items. Takes a little bit to get the hang of, but it’s a popular script with plenty of support on the forum

  3. Script: Burn Manager
    as mentioned above, with Burn Manager you can unburn stuff level by level and go through it, reburning what you already know. I do happen to have a variant of this script locally running that also allows reburning in bulk, based on item stage - that allows you to unburn all kanji from level X, do a review round on them, and then reburn all of them that made it to App 2, leaving you with only the stuff you failed in App I. If you decide to go this route and are interested, I could publish it (it’s not as fancy as Burn Manager though).

  4. Scripts: Reorder Omega
    As you mention you have open reviews already, something like Reorder Omega would be useful to do only certain reviews, unless you plan on getting rid of your current review pile first.


Ooo, I didn’t realize there was extra study, that sounds pretty neat.

I recommend Kanjiroids it’s a fun game and while you can’t target specific words, it can really help with reviewing lower levels and refreshing readings

It would be cool if WaniKani added a prestige system or something like that

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One option that I think hasn’t been mentioned yet, which doesn’t require any scripts, is to basically do a kind of a ‘manual’ reset. I have been using this technique (actually, two related techniques) for about half a year now, and I find it works just fine for me, and is even enjoyable (speaking for myself, anyway)!

I wrote up the two techniques in a comment to another post, which describes the whole thing from motivation right down to how to quickly zip through resurrecting several items using WK’s built-in features. If you just want the nuts and bolts, skip ahead to the “How To” section of the comment:

Best Way to review burnt items – ‘Revisiting old friends’ and the ‘Rolling Reset’

It’s possible/likely that there are scripts (such as those already mentioned) that can facilitate this basic idea easier than the manual techniques I describe. Personally, I just prefer not to have to install extra scripts, so I just found a way to do it by hand, but whatever works for ya! :slight_smile:

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I actually ended up making a new account and starting from 0. Just hit level 6.

It’s easy going since I know most of them by heart, but it’s fun to get better at alternative readings.

I am interested in the idea of never burn. I would love to have things stop at the next highest level so I can always get refreshed on it every 6 months or whatever.

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