How do you review burned items?

So I had gotten pretty busy in life I had put off studying my kanji, so after coming back, I’m not as proficient as I should be. So I was wondering, is there way to go back and restudy burned stuff?


You can reset your level (Settings Danger Zone) or unburn the individual items you want to relearn (from those radical/kanji/vocab pages).

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If you don’t want to reset there are also these scripts

For reviewing

For managing burned items


That’s perfect, thank you.

I thought the burn manager was broken?

I’ve decided this will be the first script I convert to APIv2 since it’s currently broken

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Oh, maybe it is, I’ve never used it myself

is there a way to unburn all the vocab words? i think id like to do that after im at level 60

There is a burn manager script which can do this quite easily. It was mentioned before in this topic.



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thanks! i asked this cuz i started burning items recently and i don’t think they are really “burned” in my memory

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