Is it possible to disable burning items?

I’m on my way in about two weeks to burn my first items. However, I’m afraid about forgetting the more complicated ones after some time. Is it possible to disable burning them so that they are permanently at enlightened level and come back for reviews sometimes?


No, but you can revive them after burning. They go back to Apprentice I, I think.


You could also add some reading practices to your routine, so that you keep getting exposed to the kanji.


I plan on going through every level again once I hit 60, by manually checking off all the items I’ve forgotten and just resurrecting them.
That way, even after 60, Wanikani will remain a daily part of my life, as it has been since march this year. A habit I have yet to break, and don’t plan on breaking any day soon.


They said they wanted to add this feature at some point, but that was in April and we haven’t heard anything back since then :man_shrugging: API V2 Beta Documentation


Making them Apprentice is not really useful. It would having a few times more Apprentice items and much more reviews. I hope they add it in API soon.


If anyone from WK is listening I hope they add this soon too. It’s frustrating to have to put items back to apprentice when a rare review would do. @koichi?

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I feel like this is the kind of thing that would happen outside of regular reviews. Like a burned items review pile. I think there are some 3rd party apps that do this (though it’s random, I think). We’ve thought about it from time to time too, but there are other ways besides reviews to practice recall of kanji and vocabulary. That should happen outside of WaniKani via reading (which we need to do a better job of encouraging). If we did this inside of WaniKani, it wouldn’t be a review system like the one you see now. It’d be more about using kanji/vocabulary in context.

Roundabout way of saying I agree it’d be great to review items you’ve burned but we’re not planning to make it happen inside of typical reviews.


If we had a pile that regenerated reviews a year after getting them right last (either from burning or from within the pile itself), with the option to unburn items as you go (both that you got correct AND those you got correct), that would be amazing.

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I’d still prefer to be able to demote burned items to any SRS level I want, instead of just apprentice, the way it works now. I don’t think that would be a terribly complicated thing to do, technically.


Maybe there is a way to implement something where burned items go back to queue for the burn time (I think 4 months?) and become reviews again every 4 months again, instead of stopping the review timer?

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You could use WKstats to see all of the items you’ve burned on a single page and then review them one by one. I haven’t tried but you could probably print the page and check them off as you go as well.

Any news on this feature?

Nope, not at this moment.

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Thanks for the swift update. I’ll ask again in 363 days

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Although I’m not at that level yet, I do see the benefits

It still would be great if there was a setting to allow us to choose what happens to burnt items. Sometimes even if answered correctly, it feels the speed of recollection means it still could use some strategic practice. Sometimes I feel I haven’t earned an SRS level-up.

By default everything stays as it is.

In Settings a switch: [off] as is / [on] review (x)months from date of burn

Or a burn library with drop downs on each item:

  • choose SRS Stage & add to next scheduled review

Another idea - add Flagged/favourites for self-study quiz. Then troublesome burnt items can be practiced with precision

Hey there, a tad new here, where can I install/apply this self-study script?

Try 363,000 days

which is pretty bad. they should only go back to enlightened if possible (and further if you get them wrong or stay at enlightened if not so one has the proper timing)

still want it

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