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First of all - I’m surprised that I couldn’t just respond to the thread! (Found out after I quoted a selection, it was locked.)


This is a welcome change that I know a lot of synonym users (including myself) have been asking for for years. THANK YOU.

Um… Is it? I don’t remember that ever being the case… having used the down arrow and/or the scrollwheel on my mouse to do that. Maybe it’s a new-browser thing. Weird.
RE: Enter key no longer to move forward - I understand the reasoning; that’s totally fair and in general great… However, is it possible to change it personally in the settings? (ie: change it back for individual users?) Totally expecting a “no” answer, but if the possibility is there… I’m so used to that, just hitting enter all the time… ^_^;;;

@TofuguJenny … Does image
mean or bring you to the old review summary page? Will it bring up that info, were I to start a new review session now? (Having just been kicked to the dashboard, myself?)

*Emphasis added.

*gasp* So it is just gone?! I totally get removing it beforehand (though it was kind of nice to see “that’s how I did last time/yesterday”), because that saves time for people in a hurry, one less click to get to the reviews… but… but… why? I mean, yes you say it’s sort of covered in other features now, but none of them pop up immediately after a review… so… (I totally made a thread surprised about this, and noticed later, at least one other person did as well, in the Feedback category…) (I also see now why this thread is locked… So many changes…) Would the @Mods consider bringing the feature/page back please?

And wow, over 1200 posts in this thread… Okay, that was the true reason for it to have been closed, I guess. Wow. Guess I’ll skim through that for a while…

Anyways, thanks for reading this one too.


Been like that since forever, it scrolls you more than the finer up/down keys.


As far as I know, “saving a single click” wasn’t ever the reason. Wanikani is trying to move away from using jquery on the site as far as I can see, and a victim of that was jStorage, which is what they used to store the information about your session. This inlcudes keeping track of partially completed items when you reload the page (so makeshift redo), the number of items you’ve completed while doing lessons, and yes, the summary pages.

Now, take everything I say with a huge grain of salt, but from what Scott said in the original thread where he proposed the changes ahead of time, it seems to me, that this isn’t meant to be a standalone update that fixes everything, makes everyone happy and is how wk will look from then on. This first update was a huge step towards making the place more livable and simpler to make changes to (specifically they merged the code for lessons and reviews). Other fixes and changes will be coming out in subsequent updates, including a rethink of what the summary page did and how it could be replaced, like Jenny wrote in her post.


Hi @AnimeCanuck, , opens the tab that shows you the 10 most recently completed items, for example:

Would the @Mods consider bringing the feature/page back please?

Yes! We are working on something to cover the same uses, in a different format.


Thank you for explaining both things!

(Ahhh… I have seen that 10 items before… never understood it really. At one point when clicking other buttons out of curiosity.)

I look forward to the new summary page!


@Talos re: the other, longer thread

quoted in full here

YES, so much yes!!! I haven’t even tried the new way of doing lessons yet, but being somewhere between 35~56 posts into the massive 1500+ announcement thread, it’s not sounding very pretty. I hope next time they take it slower.

That said, this script is a nice little stop-gap that recovers some/most of the review-summary functionality, just not where we’re used to it. I’ve installed it and it’s working perfectly for me, so far.

Yeah, Spacebar is an alternative to Page Down - jumps the page down the same distance. Whilst the change might not be popular, it is probably a good thing that hotkeys are standardised - same with the Enter key.

I’ve used the space bar to scroll to the next page since Mosaic.

Interestingly, Space and Shift Space are not actually the same as Page Up and Page Down on Chromium browsers:

If writing-mode is set to be vertical then the space bar will scroll sideways to the next or previous page of text. This is useful when reading vertical Japanese in plain HTML.

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Interesting to know it does that with the vertical writing-mode - I don’t often use space to scroll so never thought of trying it.

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