Please bring back the summary

Please bring back the summary! I was disappointed when it disappeared, but now that I’ve being using WaniKani without it for a few days I found out that describing it as “being disappointed” would be a gross understatement. It’s horrible!
Not being able to see the summary when I finish reviewing is killing my motivation to do reviews and I’m very sad about it. I’ve been using WaniKani every day for a few years, I recently finished level 60 but I still need to a lot more studying before I really master all the Kanjis. So, please give me back the summary, I need that immediate feedback when I finish a review.


Exactly that. It is also helping to visualize similar looking kanji. Also you loose the overview what mistakes you did in a larger review. At the moment my workaround is to write my mistakes down. But that is well… more work :smiley:


It’s not a disaster for me, but I did like the summary and I do miss it.


I miss it too. I like the the rest of the tweaks to the interface, but hate not having the summary.


In theory they are preparing something to ‘replace it’ (though I can’t see the reason for that, as it was perfect for me at least).

If that was the case all along, I’m also disappointed on the product decision of removing the Summary when the replacement was not ready, leaving us with this weird/demotivating in-between situation :frowning:


I totally agree!!!



I liked seeing all the stuff I burned after a review. Also I miss the number that tracked the number of lessons you do. I try to keep my apprentice at about 150 so that helped me track how many lessons I should do


I keep checking the API forum to see if one of our leet peepz has come up with something for this, but alas not yet.

Please at least give us something Quick that shows us the % correct so we actually know how well we did on our reviews.

If I didn’t have a lifetime subscription, I would 100% unsubscribe until this was brought back in…


I’ve seen a few recent scripts posted that make an attempt to replace it, since the update. Though, I don’t have any links at the moment.

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I do have a lifetime subscription, and a review pile of 179… I’m considering not doing any more reviews or bothering to try to “catch up” until it returns… The 45 or so I did the other day are just… ??? to me. (Even though at least some moved over to enlightened… I can’t remember what items I got wrong, aside from れい - Thanks/Gratitude, because I had to check Visually Similar (I had put it down as さつ mistaking it for 札)… The only reason why I know that item in particular was one of my bad ones. For now, I will have to rely on @rfindley’s Self-Study Quiz in order to see what it was I got wrong, but change my preset from “within the last 4 hours” to something more like 2-3 days ago now, just for this one instance.)

Ummm yeah, so it will just be simpler and easier to wait and hope for either a userscript or the summary page back, listing all my mistakes for me plain and simple.

But if the changes were to do away with jStorage altogether (hinted at in another thread), or what gets put in jStorage… and our progress/score isn’t anymore… I don’t know that that’s something that could be fixed with a script anyway.

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Hey, Aiki… this script specifically seems to do the job: [Userscript] Review Summary on the dashboard

And it worked for me. If you already have some of the most popular scripts (rfindley’s mainly, and kumirei’s heatmap) running, then you already have WKOF, and this just works great. Does what it says on the tin, mate. ; D


Hey AC!

I’ll give it a go! :grin:

I just can’t phathom what they were thinking?

Fair enough if you have a better feature coming but why just remove it and replace it with nothing? Just odd. Not to mention I’m seeing other bits of the website break now (none of my user synonyms work anymore)

I’ve been subscribed for 7 years now. This is probably the last time I renew.


Yeah it’s rather ironic, the only reason I cared about the review timeout was it screwed up the accuracy of the review page, so they take away the timeout, but then also took away the only thing that really benefitted…

mind boggling


Yeah I don’t know why anyone thought it was a good idea to take that away. This whole update thing frustrated me so haven’t used WaniKani in awhile. I do at least have the third party app Tsurukame which does have a summary page everytime I review. Unfortunately Tsurukame doesn’t have the extra study section as I would love summary pages when reviewing burned items.


I’m the same, using Tsurukame woks well for me but I do miss not having the extra study options. Hope WK bring out some sort of solution to this as this recent update has upset so many people.


I second that. It just hurts every time you get redirected directly to the dashboard after the reviews. :disappointed:


Leaving out the summary page was actually a design decision? Until now I was just waiting for them to finally fix the bug…

So yes: Please bring back the summary page! I think it’s essential to have at least another quick glance on the things I got wrong…


I think it was due to the fact that they redesigned the code to be cleaner and more efficient, but the new code works differently, so it doesn’t inherently have the ability to funnel things into a review page like it used to. So to get a review page they have to code one from scratch.

So they didn’t purposefully take it away, it’s just that the new code didn’t include it.

To me, that’s understandable. What is not understandable though, is not coding something to replace it before this new coding went live. This type of thing is why many companies will make an opt in beta version for new code structure, where it then doesn’t matter if you lose some functionality initially, as the users opted in voluntarily and if they really don’t like it, they can just switch back to the previous version.

With a system like WK where constant, consistent daily usage is an absolute necessity, it’s a devastating mistake to release new code that removes previous functionality or significantly effects work flow. Especially when the system is handling an already laborious task where most users need a lot of motivation to continue to use it under the best circumstances.

It would be interesting to see the stats for how many people quit WK in the couple months around this update compared to normal…


I think the ideal solution would have been to just allow us to use the previous version on an “” url and those who are fine with the new version can just use that now.