Whoa! What happened to the Review Summary Page?

Hey, what happened to the Review Summary page after completing my reviews? I wanted to see how I did, and go over the items I’d gotten wrong, but it just booted me out to the Dashboard (main WK site)!

Total surprise.

I went back into my reviews, then hit the little “home” button so that I could try to get there, and BOOF, I was still knocked out to the main dashboard. So weird.

This a bug, or recent change?

(Like someone in “already missing” thread, I too hit the “wrap up” button after completing 35 items, so I think I did about 45? Would really like to see how I did, in actuality, since the % is a little bit different while in the reviews themselves, and I don’t remember in their entirety which items I got wrong…)


You missed the “update”. They have removed it…


Yeah, I kinda miss the review summary too :((


They decided unilaterally that the summary page was not necessary and removed it. Got huge backlash, now they are working on a fix. They said something to the effect of “Will come back but in another form”.

I’d guess it will be as a button you hit on the main page to get to the last session(s) summary. But the page that pops up right after reviews? That is done.


They removed it to ““improve”” the website. Along with a whole bunch of other ““impovements””. Granted, some aspects of this update were good, but the majority of the changes were either controversial, or straight up bad. And they even locked the announcement threat, because people kept on complaining in there.


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