Feature Request: Make "Recent Items" MORE Recent

Hi there, WK team!

I’d like to request that you change how the Extra Study widget/reviews pulls “Recent Items”… and/or for you to make what is considered “recent” something that is either much more recent or else user-defined (whether on the Extra Study widget itself, or in the App settings, where we choose lesson batch size, etc.)…

Here is what I have previously posted in the API and Userscript section of the forum:

I believe something like that could be really helpful, and beneficial to not only me, but anyone else who desires to mostly/completely trust WK’s chosen SRS and not mess with it too much.

Thanks, @tofugu-scott @TofuguKyle @viet @Mods !

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Yup, it’s currently this ^^^.
I can see good reasons for quite a few possible selection criteria. For people who do, say, 10 lessons a day, the need is maybe significantly different that if you do all available reviews daily.


@rfindley is too modest to say it, but you really should look into the self-study script…


I have the script, and use that too… but something happened and all my user-defined settings, the types of quizzes I had made for myself (one specifically for really bad leeches, too) all are gone. I wonder if they were lost when “recent items” became a thing… but something happened between when I had all the best stuff packed in there 2019 and this January. :confused:

I had put a lot of work into making several types of quiz presets. (I believe I had at least 7 that I used in good rotation, depending on what I was doing.) I don’t remember how I had them anymore, but they were quite beneficial. Now I only go in and modify the one that’s pretty well nearly everything, to just look at a level at a time, so I can find in the levels I didn’t reset the 10+ items (kanji or vocab, I leave radicals be, especially since I know they were revamped) and unburn them.

“Recent items” in Self-study Quiz just pulls from WK’s “recent items” so I don’t believe that would help me in this case.

That’s a little bit confusing. Someone doing 10 lessons can still do all their reviews… (I have been, it’s more than 50 reviews still, often in nice sizeable chunks).

I need the extra help with the “great WK radical revamp” and thinks like ~分 being changed from ぶん - part(s) to ふん - minutes. I still always think ぶん first because of 自分 and 多分, for example, too.
I go through a batch of 5 lessons so slowly… around 20 minutes I think… especially when it’s brand new material or changed material… also making use of the “types of speech” tab, and going back and forth between reading and meaning a lot. So after 2 batches of 5, while that can be as little as 12 or 15 minutes, it can be upwards of 40, as well, depending!

Or after I make/check the user synonyms (since aside from brand new (added within the last 3 years) vocabulary, some other meanings like the example above have also changed), to quiz myself on the new meanings, and/or to test that my synonym was properly accepted.

So it would be nice to do a quick review and quiz myself on both batches at once immediately afterwards, rather than wait the 4 hours… and then wait 4+ hours before taking WK’s inherent SRS.

Have you tried using the Item Inspector as a way to get more specific quizzes? :eyes:

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I have never even heard of that one. I guess a good 20+ more scripts that have become “common” exploded in the last 3 years?

Um… I’m not sure what kind of data that’s supposed to inspect though?

I did notice (upon looking, and doing about 50 questions from level 2) in Self Study Quiz that rfindley’s script does have an Initiate (lesson queue) option. I’m only wondering now if that’s basically things that are unlocked (but no lesson has been done yet) or if it’s what I actually want: lesson’s finished, but pre- the first Apprentice review. If so, I suppose “problem solved”, but still, I feel like that’s not something WaniKani users should have to download a userscript (two, technically, 'cause it uses WKOF) for, and should be more of an inherent thing in WK itself. “Recent” lessons is not recent if it’s 4+ days old. What if that person had done 20 lessons a day? Then you’re getting quizzed on 80 items. Or more, all their available lessons at once, for 60+ on the first day? Things don’t hit Guru 1 'til at least a week, if I recall correctly… so… the number of Apprentice 1 items would not only be quite high for those users (not me), but also be old. Do some people want that kind of extra practice? Yeah, probably. I’m not saying they don’t. But I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to mess with the SRS by over-reviewing, either.


I feel really surprised that I seem to have to argue my point, here. And a little miffed.

… I just want recent items to actually be recent. Or to have the option to adjust them in our settings (probably the best option, for everyone).

Just install and give it a try. It’s quite intuitive and has loads of options. Especially for getting at leeches, it’s really good! Well, that’s what I’m mostly using it for. Or burnt items. But, you can just set up anything here.

What it looks like. then you just hit the quiz button.

Thing is, in general, I’m trying to simplify things.

The Self-Study Quiz used to be great for leeches. I don’t remember what settings I had plugged in for a preset though in order to optimize it for what I considered leeches, though… I’m so annoyed that my 7 or so presets just up and vanished on me.

EDIT: @_@ I looked at the OP for the script itself. That has so much going on… rfindley’s script looks much more user-friendly and seems a hell of a lot simpler to me in comparison. Also, 3:45am here, so that doesn’t help either.

I’m just going to drop by and agree that the Recent Lessons part of Extra Study ought to be customizable. Personally the optimal thing that would make it actually useful to me is if it was, say, a 36 hour window (so if you did some lessons in the morning you could do the extra reviews for them at some point the next day at the latest). Currently, if I wanted to do the recent lessons for the 18 lessons I did yesterday I’d have to enter a review session with 51 items. It’s not the worst, sometimes my recent lessons have like 80 items, but it’s enough that I ignore the feature about 14 days out of every 15 (I use it every time I get through my vocab and radical lessons and do all the kanji at once).

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I completely get wanting to review only the things you just learned! For my brain, seeing everything the one time during the lesson plus during the first quiz sometimes isn’t enough to make it stick firmly, no matter how long I spend looking over the content.

Instead of using Extra Study, I take advantage of the fact that hitting Lessons from the Dashboard first takes you to a Lesson Summary page showing you your most recently taken lessons. If you hover over entries listed, you can see their meaning and reading. It’s a great way to do a quick self-quiz: I look at the entries, say the meaning and reading to myself, then hover over the item to check. I’ll typically do this about five minutes after I’ve finished the quiz, to make sure information is sticking.

Now, the trick to this is that if you want to be able to see all the lessons you did most recently, you’ll have to do them in one chunk. For example, if I’m doing 10 lessons each morning, I want to make sure I select to continue with more lessons instead of going back after I finish my first set of 5. Otherwise, the Summary page will only show the last five Lessons I did.

This method is especially helpful to me when I hit the “vocabulary marathon” phase of each level. During that phase, I tend to do 10 lessons first thing in the morning and another 10 again around 6pm so I can do my first review of the evening lessons right before I go to bed. It’s a lot, but being able to double-check retention shortly after the lesson sessions helps. The Lesson Summary also gives me an opportunity to check if my brain is ready for more. If I look at the items on the Lesson Summary page in the evening and have any hesitancy about the lessons I took that morning, I don’t do more in the evening.

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Do you have the Additional Filters script installed? I think that provides a leech filter that works in Self-Study Quiz.

I used to do this as well. It’s also helpful, but still not as great as input is.

I think part of why I’m so annoyed with WaniKani calling it “recent” is because it’s not really that. It should instead say something more like “Review the items learned this past week” or something of that nature. Unlike WK on the whole, which doesn’t make false claims about teaching you the Japanese language, and instead says “we teach you how to read kanji”, it doesn’t do what it says on the tin. (Whereas with WK in general, it does do just that.)

I’m not sure whether or not I do, but I have a leeches box/option within the self-study quiz settings. Whether it’s that script or a different one made by someone else, I don’t recall. I had this before, years ago, and yet still did extra tweaks to make it something really poorly known. I do have WKOF Filters, so I suppose that’s it (at first glance, I was going to say I did not, as nothing is just called “additional filters” by itself…).

I’m still hoping for some acknowledgement from the WK team about my suggestion, however.

I also want to apologize for getting so particularly upset over this one thing which is likely a non-issue for most people. Normally I’m a lot more rational about these kinds of suggestions… I’ve just been filled with so much other anger lately, but I think I found a part of the root of it (unrelated to WK at all) in general last night. I’m sure my last few posts likely came across as heated (if it didn’t, then good; means I’m a decent editor).

It’s still frustrating though that for such a thing it doesn’t do as advertised, and the best result is to use “Extra Study Mover” to just remove it altogether, and ignore it exists, and continue to fiddle with the settings of another old userscript instead. (No offense, @rfindley). Somehow, saying it’s “recent” just feels like a lie, to me.

It’s the weekend tho, at least let them get back to work before getting irate :sweat_smile: (well, there’s probably a mod or two with a weekend shift just in case but I doubt there’s anyone whose job it is dealing with feedback)

I agree this would be a good idea/option.

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If you’ve chosen to narrowly define it as things you’ve learned in the last four hours, sure. For me it behaves as expected and is a useful feature as is. A little extra review doesn’t bother me.

If they can tweak it to meet your needs great, but as mentioned there are likely script solutions you could implement today.

Hi there, and thanks for the tag. I’ll make sure to pass this suggestion along to the team!


I was reading this thread and I’m super glad I came across this comment. This has been insanely helpful for me. Thank you!

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It’s one of the great scripts for sure. Super helpful and very easy to use. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It’s nice to know somebody on staff has seen it, at least.

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