Oh boy! New functionality?

Seems like new things are happening! What a time to be alive and crabigating.


Was this because you guru’d some radicals/Kanji or are they adding vocab? :slight_smile:

It’s because while i was doing 50+ reviews some new items came up for review.

Rather than getting a new batch of reviews immediately after finishing the current one, you now get sent to the start page and get this notification.


Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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This will help my crabigation immensely

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We have all been nipped by its chelae of love


So far it’s given me this message twice, I had several reviews at the top of the hour. However, right before it sent me back to the dashboard, it sent me straight to the “start session” page, rather than the review page, and it always had just one review, the very last one I had just finished. Is it supposed to do that?

Nope — we know about the ‘1 review’ bug and are working on a fix for it today.

It’s a timing issue, where you finish that last review, we’re working on recording it, and you land on the summary page before it’s done being processed. It’s a very narrow amount of time (~1/10th of a second) that we need to account for, but it’s super annoying to have that one review in the queue.

I’ll follow up when we’ve got something in place.


Yep, you got it! Instead of just giving you more reviews at the top of the hour (the “and you thought you were done” feature), we have you march through the reviews that were available when you started. If you want to do more when you get back to the summary page, you can, but you don’t have to.

Out of curiosity (and making things work better), where did you see that message? It looks like the dashboard, but we really just want it to show up on the summary page when you get to the end of the reviews.


I am almost 100% certain I saw it on the dashboard and not on the summary page.

I am also not entirely sure I got to the summary page after finishing the reviews. I kind of feel like I was taken straight to the Dashboard. This is very fuzzy though, and I am not convinced I trust my own memory here.

I’m not OP, but I’ve only seen this on the dashboard.

I wasn’t sure either, but now you’ve said this, I think I got redirected straight to the dash too.

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That’s strange. I wouldn’t want to be brought out of my reviews if I was in the middle of them… I wonder if it’s a new option in Settings?

saw it on Dashboard. and not on Summary.

Also I after completing my reviews, I went to summary page, new reviews were available, so I did those too (without going to dashboard). After completing new batch went to dashboard ans saw this message, even though I don’t have anymore reviews. If message is to be shown on dashboard, I guess this scenario should be handled.

I know just can’t stop being a developer. (sigh)

Not if you’re in the middle of them. It’s more like this:

  • Start reviews, with say 50 in the queue.
  • March through them all.
  • Land on the summary page, 'cause, hey, you just plowed through 50! Nice work!
  • Oh, hey, while you were doing that, another 20 reviews became available. Now you have the choice of doing more reviews or closing the review window before your boss comes back from break.

No you won’t be brought out of your current session. This message only shows if a new items becomes available for review while you’re already in the middle of review session.
Also new items won’t be added to existing session.

When you say “After completing new batch went to dashboard and saw this message”, how did the flow go? Did you finish your reviews, then:

  1. Get taken to the summary page then go to the dashboard
  2. Get taken to the dashboard
  3. Do your last item, then click on the dashboard while still in reviews
  4. Some other scenario I’m not thinking of.
  1. 30 Items Review Started
  2. Completed Review Session
  3. Go to Summary Page and
  4. Saw that ‘Start Session’ is still enabled. And is showing 5 for newly available review items
  5. Start Session and complete newly available items
  6. Go to summary, no newer items
  7. Go to Dashboard and saw this message. I think i shouldn’t see it now.