What's up with the Lesson viewing changes?

I noticed recently that the way “pronunciation” or whatever and “meaning” is displayed has changed recently. It’s a bit annoying. Used to be where I could press a button on the keyboard and it would pop up with the corresponding sub-lesson, like if I’m guessing the pronunciation, I’d press “F” after and the pronunciation would pop up. Same goes for the meaning. Now I press “F” and it seems kinda random, like sometimes one pops up, sometimes the other. Sometimes I’ll miss the meaning a second time and the pronunciation will pop up and I’ll have to click to show the meaning.

What’s up with this? Are Reviews going to adapt this eventually as well?


I’ve noticed the same. Especially during lessons, I’m programmed to hit “f” after answering to reveal the answer to what’s currently being quizzed (meaning or reading), then ENTER SPACE (sheesh it’s so wired into my fingers and not my brain that I forgot the key) to expand everything if desired. It no longer works reliably.

I’d ascribed it to recent changes and was waiting to see if it settles out before submitting a bug report, but I’d also hate to see that functionality go away (I hate reaching for my mouse unnecessarily).


Hey there!

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on a new UI for lessons which will indeed be applied to the reviews eventually but there are still a couple of tweaks required first. I will make sure to pass this on to our engineers.


Is it because these changes have been applied to lower-level vocabs but not higher levels that it looks like random?


I’m afraid I’m not aware of the specifics, but a similar issue has been mentioned already to the engineers so I know they are working on this currently.


Thank you! I also agree with what’s been said here, I constantly use the “old” functionality of pressing F to see what’s currently being quizzed and then SPACE to expand it all if I want.

It would be a huge pity to change it so that you have to use the mouse (how it currently seems to be changing to in the lessons) - in my opinion the previous setup was perfect how it was (and imo it also looked a bit better than the new UI appearing in lessons :slight_smile:)

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In fact, spacebar doesn’t work anymore.


i’ve noticed this too. changes to the GUI are fine, i don’t think it matter much either way.

what definitely isn’t fine is breaking keyboard shortcuts, and forcing the user to use the mouse instead of the keyboard. in particular when doing rapid reviews that breaks the workflow.


Really hoping the keyboard shortcuts are fixed before then.

And please look into fixing it so that when one messes up pronunciation, pronunciation is shown instead of meaning, and vice-versa.

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It seems that this and the ‘F’ hotkey issue are part of the same problem so they should get fixed together.

I’ll mention this to the engineers too.

Thanks for your patience everyone while we get this fixed.


Links in context sentences are not rendered correctly. Can be reproduced on both Firefox/Windows and Firefox/Mint, latest versions. Only during lessons, not during reviews or on item page.


Thanks for the heads up! I can confirm this on my end too, I will pass this on to the engineers.


The whole patience thing is almost harder than learning kanji. :grin:

I just want to confirm that a fix for the spacebar issue is still expected? It’s driving me nuts having to reach for my mouse occasionally. The f key seems to be reliably twirling open the correct one, but spacebar still isn’t expanding the other sections.



If you want you can use this script in the meantime:



I just got a response from one of our engineers and unfortunately, there is no plan currently to return the spacebar as a hotkey in lessons. Although they did say that they would consider it if there was enough interest. They told me that it was removed because with multiple headers to open and close, they would need to first implement a hotkey system to select/navigate the headers.

Boy, I really dislike feature regressions.

If it were just lessons it would be bad enough, but spacebar no longer works during reviews, either.

I’ll survive with @Sinyaven ’s script, but at least two users find the regression annoying (one enough to write a script to address the problem). I’d put off installing the script in the expectation that WK would fix the problem eventually, but I’m tired of reaching for my mouse and will now install it before my next session.

I’m sure there was some reasonable explanation for introducing the new layout, but from where I sit it added no significant value and removed a keyboard shortcut I used fairly often. Frankly, an unwillingness to address a feature regression surprises me.


Fwiw this seems far worse than the script’s solution of twirling all sections open when spacebar is pressed.


having keyboard access (in this case the spacebar hotkey) isn’t only a convenience, but also an accessibility issue.

personally i’m lucky that, though i can’t use a mouse for any length of time without developing severe pain, i have no problems with a touchpad. but others might well have problems using any kind of pointer.

also, we’re not asking for the ability to access each section individually. just an option to unfurl them all with the spacebar hotkey.


I’ll add to the sentiment that I really dislike having to take my hands of the keyboard during lessons for anything :smiley: It just feels so clunky to have one or two features that require me to mouse them :confused:


I’m doing reviews right now, and ‘f’ and the spacebar appears to be working as it always has. ‘f’ shows the partial screen, spacebar unfurls the rest.