[Suggestion] Mark review item to check later

So, here’s a hypothetical scenario.

You’re working through your reviews, and you realise that you made a mistake, or for some other reason want to check the info on a particular kanji/vocab etc, but you can’t right now because you’re in the middle of a review session. (Besides, the Info button is greyed out).

What if the Info button became a “Check Info Later” button?
Then, after your session, the marked items are displayed for you to check
and/or they’re added to your Critical Condition list (regardless of percentage score)

Yeah, you could open Google or something in a new tab. :man_shrugging:
But this way it’s all self-contained, and you can focus on your task.


If you don’t make a whole lot of mistakes, or your review batches are usually small, you could just pause on the Review Summary screen and review your mistakes from there.

This script is for you. It automatically displays the answer when you get an item wrong.


That would be a cool feature, althoug I usually just keep a list of items I want to check info on (you can use any text editor for that) and copypaste items there as I go through reviews. Then, after the session, I go through that list.

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Thank you so much, I completely missed this script when I went through setting up which Wanikani scripts to use. This is the one thing that has always been a (very minor) annoyance for me, thank you!

That seems super-useful! Thanks!

My suggestion still stands, though. As an example, I was doing reviews and it turns out I was confusing the kanji 去 with the radical 支. I didn’t remember what I was confusing it with though, so it would’ve been so useful to be able to mark the one I was on so that I could find the other, and compare the two.

If I understand correctly, you want a functionality comparable to [Userscript] Item Marker? It seems however that this script is partially broken.

Also, whenever someone mentions that they confuse WK items, I get the irresistible urge to recommend my userscript ConfusionGuesser. #ad

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Both of those seem perfect!
(Well, not the first one so much, but maybe if it’s ever updated!)

Thankses!! :grin::+1: :trophy:

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Btw, just found this handy-looking script! :smile:


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