How to see the items reviewed today?

I am currently stuck in level 9. Until level 9 I did around on level every 4-6 weeks (which I know is slow for WaniKani standards, but I am not in a hurry). Now I am stuck in level 9 (no kanji learnt for this level) for almost 3 months.

The way I probably got into this mess was that I failed to study daily as work got in the way and I was too exhausted to do anything.

I have currently almost 600 items to be reviewed and it is getting frustrating. I am starting to forget items from level 1 which I really should know.

I have noticed that when I get and item wrong, I do not take the time to write it down or to carefully go through the item again. Probably because I want to get through as many items as possible.

I think I would improve if I could go back after a review and pick the ones I got wrong to carefully study them again. I am sure this must be possible but I just have not figured out how.

I assume there is a user script for this, but I do WaniKani on my phone or iPad most of the time where I can not run any user scripts. (On the other hand if there’s a python or other scripting language script to extract this, I would be able to run this without problem)

Thanks a lot


I don’t use apps. I will answer for the case you are using the website. All the solutions I can think of require a mouse.

A simple solution if to click on the review button again. This will show you the list of items in the last review. you can recite aloud the readings and meanings and then move the mouse over the item. Then the correct answer will show up. And if you click on the item the item page will load. This is very convenient if you have business with the mnemonics.

Another option is the Additional Filters script which contains the Failed Last Review filter. This will select all the items where you failed the last review for further studying. Additional Filters requires either Self Study Quiz or Item Inspector to work though. You must go configure a preset in Self Study Quiz to use this filter. In Item Inspector it is preconfigured if you use the Failed Last Review table.

I am the author of Item Inspector therefore I will shamelessly recommend Item Inspector. The difference is Self Study Quiz will quiz you on the items. Item Inspector will display them on a screen and you can recite the reading and meanings aloud and have the answer revealed by moving the mouse over the item. You can also start a Self Study Quiz from Item Inspector. This way you have the best of both world.


Get Tsurukame. It’s a great app and provides so much more functionality.

At the end of every review, you’ll get a screen like this with the items you got wrong:

Just spend some time going over each one briefly. That should reinforce the memory for the next session.


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