Lessons for Failed Reviews


I’ve come back from a fairly long break and am finding my review percentage has dropped alarmingly. What’s more, I’m finding that with a lot of recent items I have almost no recollection of them at all. In the past whenever I got something wrong, I could always feel a part of my brain clawing for the answer. Now I’m staring at kanji combos shaking my head feeling almost positive I have never seen these kanji in my life.

Obviously I need to review these items more thoroughly, which brings me to my suggestion / request: Would it be possible to make a script that allowed you to view your incorrect items in lesson format after a review session? Maybe it’s just me, but I find reviewing in review (if you see what I mean) rather ineffective - I think the weight of the review queue is not conducive to clear learning. I also personally just don’t like the way the information is laid out on item information pages. For me at least, far and away the best way to relearn an item would be by viewing it in the lesson format.

Would this idea be feasible as a script? If not, I’m wondering whether anyone else would find it useful and I could maybe email the site with the suggestion.


This sounds super useful! What might be good also is some kind of filter that would give you lessons for items you’ve frequently answered incorrectly. Maybe a time or level based filter too, so you can focus more on specific items or a set of items.


I’m sure there are already scripts that exist that could aid you. Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for, but I think they’d have the same effect. Or maybe write down the kanji/vocab you’re getting wrong and look them up manually. 


Even away from wanikani, if you made a note of the incorrect cards and create an anki deck or something purely to review these troublesome reviews it could be helpful.

But yes, a script for wanikani on this would be super helpful. 

Also welcome back into the fray! :slight_smile:

marionette said... I'm sure there are already scripts that exist that could aid you. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but I think they'd have the same effect. Or maybe write down the kanji/vocab you're getting wrong and look them up manually. 
 I wonder. I have had a look. To be honest, it doesn't have to work how I described above. The most important part is just being able to view items in lesson format. Maybe a button on the info page? (I don't really how these things work.) Anyway, if you know of a script that fits, do let us know. Cheers.


Having this done vanilla would require the developers to develop something. This pretty much kills the idea of resetting your whole account after a break, which I like! I’ve never looked at Wanikani’s API, but I doubt it’ll be able to achieve this idea. Am interested in seeing how this’ll work out scripted and/or officially :D’

Oh, and welcome back!


This /t/Userscript-Item-Marker/12914/1  is about as close as I can get to what you have described. If you ever find/write the script you have talked about I would like to implement that as well. ~frankiebluej