[Userscript] WaniKani Mini Item Marker

Another item marker. Since [Userscript] Item Marker broke for me in Review Session, and the script’s code is too complex for me to fix. So, I create a new one I could edit easily, and probably will also be actively maintained.

Works by clicking the word. Use no button.

Entries are separated by tab. Can be easily copied to an Excel spreadsheet. Now, also sorted by WaniKani Level. So, I’ll prioritize lower levels first.



I use the original item marker script currently but 1.) I will either have to modify it to hide a lot of buttons and 2.) I’m worried about loosing that information so a nice export option would be great.

So I’m considering switching over to this script but as far as I can see, there is no way to mark items from the item page, is that correct? Because that is how I mark at least 50% of my items: in a review session => get something wrong => finally mark that item but also search and mark the other items with which I keep confusing this one).

Also, I guess the items are ordered by level, not by the date on wich they were added to the list? Because the way I use it is: I add similar items in a group, so that they are displayed side by side.

But I like your ideas for this script, maybe I have to write my own version to get it to behave the way I want it to. Unless you are bored and are planning on doing any extensions to your script? :wink:

In the original script, I figured out a way to hide buttons, but not a way to export.

Anyway, on my Safari, buttons in Review Session disappeared. That’s why I create this script.

You can edit the script to sort the items and export info the way you want. Hint: I stored the items as [type, currentItem JSON]

I might consider adding Item Marker to pages other than Review Session and Dashboard later.

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I used to use another item marker, but after an update it gave 5 tabs on the dashboard and it just got a bit too clunky for me, so this is a very nice replacement!

Also, i would like to ask which addon this is:

thank you!

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Thank you!

Thank you for asking about this, I didn’t think to install it before. I don’t care for the reordering part, but it’s nice to see how many of each SRS level you have left in your review.

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Exactly the reason why I wanted it too, haha

I was hesitant at first, cause of this…


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If you’re only interested in the breakdown part of the script I stripped out all else and also made it update when you finish an item (which is the important part).

// ==UserScript==
// @name        WaniKani: Review Queue SRS Breakdown
// @namespace   Wanikani: Review Queue SRS Breakdown
// @author      Kumirei
// @description Adds an SRS breakdown of your review queue.
// @include     *://www.wanikani.com/review/session
// @version     1.0.0
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

/* Remodeling of Towe's SRS Reorder Button script.

All credit goes to Towe.*/

$(function() {
		$.jStorage.listenKeyChange('currentItem', showCounters);

		function showCounters() {
				var items = $.jStorage.get('activeQueue').concat($.jStorage.get('reviewQueue'));
				var itemsByLevels = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0];
				for (var i = 0; i < items.length; ++i) {
						++itemsByLevels[items[i].srs - 1];
				var $srsCounters = $('<div id="srsCounters" style="background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.9);border-radius:8px;color:black;font-weight:bold;margin-top:5px;text-shadow:none"></div>');
				for (var level = 1; level <= itemsByLevels.length; ++level) {
						var color = level < 5 ? 'DD0093' : level < 7 ? '882D9E' : level < 8 ? '294DDB' : '0093DD';
						if (level > 1) {
								$srsCounters.append(', ');
						$srsCounters.append($('<span id="level' + level + '" style="color:#' + color + ';margin:0">' + itemsByLevels[level - 1] + '</span>'));
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I just replaced the other one, there is no need to have both. Thanks again <3

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Hey there, @polv! Thanks for this, I think it’s exactly what I’m looking for. So it seems like clicking toggles between highlighting an item for reading or meaning, right? And where about do I go to export to excel?