[Request]Idea for streamlined reviews - Put correct text next to incorrect answers

Edit: No need to make this anymore - i found there is a keyboard shortcut to the ‘more info’ section haha

The chrome scripters and extensions being made here are seriously amazing.

 Hopefully Viet or the boys can incorporate some of them!

Anyways, I was wondering if someone could help make this:

* When an item is incorrect, automatically put the Correct answer inline next to the incorrect answer.

This means when you get the answer wrong, you instantly get feedback as to why and can move onto the next review.

When you do get an item wrong, 90% of the time you open ‘more info’ and look straight at the reading, or straight at the meaning.  So that’s the information you want to see.  The rest of the information like mnemonics are the kind of information that should be kept in the hidden ‘more info’ menu. No harm done.

Here is a shitty paint job showing what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/UmkJyef.jpg

When you get a wrong answer it currently shows you your wrong answer and a red background.
It begs you to open the ‘more info’ and see what the reading/meaning/mnemonic was.
This requests putting the correct reading/meaning inline with the wrong answer and red background.

As some have mentioned, instantly seeing it kind of replaces your chances to recall and would help you cheat a bit too easy.
A good solution for this would be to have it display on mouseover.  That way you still have a faster way of looking at the important info than clicking the ‘more info’ tab.

Edit 2:
Actually, there is a keyboard shortcut ‘F’ which pops open the More Info tab.  That makes this whole idea pretty redundant.
No need for an extension! :smiley:  Koichi! Viet! Y’all need to make these keyboard shortcuts more easily known with a tutorial mode at the starting 2 levels!

No thanks. Sometimes I typo and don’t want to be helped to ‘cheat’. Also, I like to figure out where I went wrong myself.

LOL at your paint skills! I think we’re on the same level! Hehehe! :wink:

I see your point. I wouldn’t mind if this were implemented, but I’d like it to be kept optional. I give myself at least two tries on something before I look at the answer - I’d rather recall it myself if I can.

Hmm true, self recall is important.  It still needs to be streamlined here though.

Maybe It’d be possible to make it display on mouse hover O.o

There’s a keyboard short cut to see the info (Shift+f works for me), and the info is easy to find…
I actually prefer the keyboard shortcut to mouseover…

leafyq said... I see your point. I wouldn't mind if this were implemented, but I'd like it to be kept optional. I give myself at least two tries on something before I look at the answer - I'd rather recall it myself if I can.

Besides, you should not just see the correct answer, if you're not able to recall, you have to read the mnemonic story again. That's the whole point of using WaniKani. I have tried lots of other systems that use SRS, and I was never able to recall things easily as I can using WaniKani. I even bought the Anki deck "ultimate vocab etc etc" from Tofugu, but my memory sucks, so it couldn't help me. With the mnemonic that WaniKani gives us, when reviewing I get over 94% correct answers overall.

Haha, paint job.

But yes, I’d also like to see an additional button or something for when you input an incorrent answer.

Maybe hitting the spacebar, as a shortcut. Not everyone wants to immediately see the correct answer. 
I myself don’t want to correct answer to be fed to me like that.