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Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Chapter End Page Page Count
Wk 1 Jun 18th Mission : 1 Part 1 32 (Anya sleeping) 32
Wk 2 Jun 25th Mission : 1 Part 2 - 39
Wk 3 Jul 2nd Mission : 2 - 56
Wk 4 Jul 9th Mission : 3 & 4 - 54
Wk 5 Jul 16th Mission : 5 - 29

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I hope you guys are all excited! Going over the chapters the later ones are a bit short, maybe to short for this book club. One way to combat this would be to combine chapter 3 & 4 into one week, let me know what you all think!


I was planning on reading Spy X Family, personally. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to point that out to :smile:

Regarding the schedule: I’ve heard that the first chapter is on the tough side, so maybe it’s better to split the first chapter and combine the later chapters?


I don’t know what you mean :eyes:


Agreed. The page count for week 1 could also have an intimidating effect on Beginner Book Club people considering to make the jump.


This is the first book club on the forum that I’m planning to join, and it’s perfect because I just picked the book up on my own when I came across it in the shop a few weeks ago. I’m not totally sure what my level is compared to everyone else though, because I haven’t done the book club thing here before. But I’m excited to try it out, looking forward to reading along with everyone!


I haven’t looked into the Manga yet but just looking at the page numbers for the chapters I would also lean towards splitting chapter 1 and combining chapters 3+4, so that we get a bit of a ramp-up and then stay at the same level (page-wise) basically.


When I read it myself I split up the first two chapters in two, then read the rest as normal. That said that worked out just as well as other volumes, taking about a week.

At the very least I would split the first chapter, leave the second and third chapter as is and you could combine the last two if needed.


I also considered that, but what I’d like about a “heavier” previous week and a “lighter” last week is that you stay at the same workload during the “core” and then you can get the last week completed quickly and are able to get the accomplishment of completion easy and early (basically like going downhill all the time), whereas when the penultimate week is lighter, then the last week might feel like “the last mountain at the end of the race”, if that makes sense…


I wouldn’t split the shorter chapters; but it depends on fellow readers, actually.

Also, if 3+4 is combined, what about 5.


Yay, excited to join y’all for my first intermediate book club! The anime has been so much fun, I’m excited to be going with the manga as a group.

Since this is only my second book club, I notice we’re not planning on doing a read aloud, is that correct?


Looking at all the arguments I have changed the schedule have a slower start (chapter 1 is split), then we ramp up and finish with the small chapter 5. Since the author really does not seem to like page numbers I have added the “key visual” for the seperation between week 1 & 2, I hope that helps.


I’m going to be a glutton for punishment and take part in this. I’ve really enjoyed the anime so far, being able to read through it would be quite nice.


I am very excited ! I started the anime and loved it (won’t be able to finish as it is not free on Crunchyroll…). So reading this will be a lot of fun :slight_smile:
Definitely joining this one !!!


Is the anime available on Netflix somewhere? Or anywhere else?


It’s on Netflix for a few countries, including Japan. With English subs, if necessary. I watch it with a VPN.


@RedEight Happy Birthday xD


Hmm well I’m not sure I’m up to the intermediate book club but just bought a copy from Kinokuniya. Which I guess changes my vote in both polls.


Not the last copy, I hope. I’m planning to drop by on Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face: