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Mission : 1 (part 2)

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With that we finish the first chapter! This weeks part includes one of my favorite scenes, where Llyod points to Anya who is trying to follow him. The anime version of that scene is great aswell!

Also if someone wants to watch the anime only after you have finished the part in the manga: You can now safely watch episode 1!


I enjoyed going backwards: watching the anime episode first then reading the chapter :laughing:

Recalling the subtitles helped me get the gist of what was happening in each scene which allowed me to read casually even though there were words I didn’t recognize right away. Now excited to go back and deep dive into the new vocab.


Managed to catch up to Week 1 at least. Gonna probably get a start on Week 2’s content tomorrow or Monday. I definitely picked a difficult manga considering my level. So many words I’ve never seen before. That can only be a good thing though, surely. Thank the heavens for Furigana and watching the anime helps as well to be fair.


Drew and colored this today.


Well done, that is fantastic!

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I’ve finished week 2’s reading, I’ll probably post a couple of bits where I want to clarify things in a day or so.

How is everyone going with the text size if you’re reading the physical book? I got chapter 1 for free on Bookwalker but will be reading the rest in hard copy, and the text is tiny! I think I’m going to have to use the magnifier in my phone for some of it.


I’d say it’s fine for the most part but the furigana is really small. It’s nigh on impossible to tell if there is a dakuten in there sometimes and telling the difference between dakuten and handakuten is legitimately undoable. I also highly struggle with reading the handwritten text but that probably has more to do with me being unused to the font than the actual size of the text.

Hope it works out for you!


This one dramatic line was a little tricky: 「三下になど俺の影すら拝ませてやるものか」
I think it means something to the effect of “Need I even grant these underlings a glimpse of my shadow?”


I think it’s a response to 「引きずり出してそのツラを晒し」 on the page before

so more like “are smallfry like you even capable of making me show my shadow (let alone exposing my face)?”

I’m not certain but I would tend more towards @kayleem interpretation.

Let's break this down

三下になど - underlings etc.
俺の影すら - even my shadow
拝ませてやる - to let see this is basically せてあげる just with the more informal やる
ものか - as if/there is no way [1]

so put together “As if I would let underlings like you see even my shadow” (Not the most natural sounding english ever)


I mixed up my verb forms :man_facepalming:

but yeah I think we were going for the same nuance even if the exact translation is different


Not going to lie…sometimes I have to squint to see the Furigana.


I am not quite done yet with this weeks reading, currently on page 64.
Hope to finish the rest tomorrow so i can start on next weeks reading earlier this time.
I tried adding some of the vocab for this week because their seamed to be almost none but then got lazy after a few pages and just relied on context.


I planned to finish this yesterday under the wire, but I was too sleepy :sweat_smile: Just finished though, and I’m immediately moving to the next chapter so I don’t fall behind again!


First time I’ve heard this phrase. Goes into the collection of “English learned along the way on my JP learning journey” :smiley:


I’m jumping in late, but is there a correspondence between the numbers here and the sounds in ロ・イ・ド?


Number fun =D

  • 6 = ろく = ろ in number codes
  • 1 = いち = い in number codes
  • 10 = とう = can become ど in number codes

6・1・10 = ろ・い・ど


Wow, thanks! Is there somewhere I can read more about these number codes?


Here’s a good initial read: