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oooh, you are correct that I am still very tempted by the gay pirates series (more so after your positive comments) It’s definitely on my list, it’s just a very long list haha :sweat_smile: That said, it might be a nice one to read alongside Saikawa & Moe 2, which is my next planned read, as it sounds a bit more out of my comfort zone with all of the history talk.


Summary Post

Day 43: May 13th
What did I read?: クマとカラス
How much did I read?: 14 pages
How long did it take me?: 14 min

Well, today was much easier :joy: But sad :cry: Today they ran into an owl who said that there are no other bears left, which would make our lovely bear the last of his kind :cry: But Crow says they shouldn’t give up, that he’ll go help look for some other bears :pleading_face:



I missed that at the time, but I really liked the series かくりよの宿飯. As the title implies, there’s a lot of cooking involved, as well as some cleaning and household-ing (it’s a 宿 after all). There are also some supernatural elements and (reaaaaaally slow) romance. I enjoyed it a lot.

I’m also tempted. On the other hand, I have a pile of almost 40 unread books (not including what I want to borrow from the library), so huh どうしよう…


Day 42

  • 都道府県(とどうふけん)おはなし

I managed to read a page or two at work. After work, I had plans and so had less time and then I went to bed early because I was tired lol. I hope to read more today, although I also felt inspired enough to doodle so I might work on digitizing those instead. I really want to make some ugly xmas sweater designs and have them ready in time for people to actually buy/gift them this holiday season


May 12 and 13
Yesterday Moon and I played more Dragon’s Quest. Our character confessed his sins to the priest in order to save the game, we pushed a boulder off of a dwarf whom it had fallen on, and we learned that we can’t read! Which I suppose is fair because our character is 6 years old…

This is also an accountability post because I have not yet read the chapter for Haikyuu book club, but I promise to skim it now and then maybe do a couple of pages of Spy x Family.


毎日読むの挑戦 2022年の春 :cherry_blossom: :seedling: 第7週間目の結果

5月14日 (土) :cherry_blossom: こよみのポスト


order from heaven


時々、国語辞典からも(Kotobankからも)ググからも探せない(例えば:選ばれし者)、でも何とか Jisho.org (JMDict)にある。英語を避けれますか?私の説明書きだけも使いたくない…

chosen one

Enough Japanese writing for now. I really want my production skills, whether monologue or dialogue, not to need a dictionary, not to be dictated by a dictionary, but rather only minimally use a dictionary. (Nonetheless, having a reference should still be good.)

There is also a question of whether expression is limited by the language, whether you aware of it or not.

Vocabulary hunting is now done using simply Akebi (Android app) => add to Anki, rather than Yomichan. Rather than making need-to-lookup list, the vocabulary is looked up on time. (I read on tablet / mobile, rather than PC.)

As for planning and reaching the goals, I have read Death Note required in this week; but I haven’t finished Yuru Camp as planned. I probably have read very little JoJo that I won’t count.

Dragon Ball Super Novelization

I can’t focus myself to read Night Cafe properly, and I think of eventually dropping out. However, based on an idea of Dragon Ball Super, I am starting to read this novelization.

Dragon Ball Super Novelization

I am currently somewhere around 80% of chapter 1, and I think it gives a pretty vivid imagery.

Furthermore, I have finished SPYxFAMILY vol.1 yesterday (with a cliffhanger, nonetheless…) - I have 1 more day to read (within 15 May), though I would probably eventually buy anyway, to join the book club.

Though I plan to read lots, being able to consume any Japanese text; there are without doubt benefits to joining the book clubs - self-reflection and learning from others. About self-reflection, it can indeed be done in self-reading as well.

I might hold back from continuing on to Yuru Camp vol.2, reflecting on places and activities more.



I forgot to upload yesterday, but we have a bunny living in our back yard and I got some pictures yesterday if anyone wants to see: [link]

Why does クールドジ男子 not have any fics yet. Why can’t I finish any of the ideas I have. I am working on one today, though, and I only barely held myself back from giving Mima a mole. Maybe in the beach one…

Anyway, I finally got myself to read ch 17! It’s from Igarashi’s POV, and we learn how he and Mima met! I wonder if Mima only asks him why he has to wait until he’s an adult to write because he has nothing to read (he’s already gone through all the books in the school library that he wants to read) or if he’d have encouraged him anyway lol. But it works out because Igarashi doesn’t want to write now because there’s no one to read any of it, but now here’s Mima, excited at the prospect of getting to read something. Anyway, in the present day, he’s got a fluffy black cat named Uni who likes to curl up into a ball lol they are very well-named. And adorable.

I played some side quests in ゼルダ無双 trying to get everyone up to Lv 16+ (though I ended up just getting them to Lv 12 and then spending rupees to get them the rest of the way lol) and then moved on to the next main-story challenge though did not finish it. I often have difficulty making out what the characters say when they’re selected/perform special attacks/etc., probably a combination of not having the vocabulary yet and normal speaking speed still being too fast for me, but I was easily able to understand what Urbosa says when she gets hit by a lightning attack: “この私に、雷だと?!” Even though it’s something simple, I still kinda feel accomplished.

Some vocab of note:

打ち解ける (うちとける) [一, intransitive] to open one’s heart; to throw off reserve; to be frank
上京 (じょうきょう) [noun, する verb] proceeding to the capital (Tōkyō)
終焉 (しゅうえん) [noun] demise; end
戦 (いくさ) [noun] war; battle; campaign; fight. My first time seeing this reading!
支配 (しはい) [noun, する verb] domination; rule; control
鍛錬 (たんれん) [noun, する verb] toughening; disciplining; training
華麗 (かれい) [な-adjective] splendid; magnificent; gorgeous
挟撃 (きょうげき) [noun, する verb] pincher attack; pincher movement

A lot from ゼルダ無双 today!


This one might be a nice proposal to add to WaniKani (more than just 奈良, 神奈川). Such a fun word too.


May 13th (Calendar Post)

Bookclub friday~

からかい上手の高木さん => 16 pages (14 min)
それでも歩は寄せてくる => 24 pages (20 min)
シメジ シミュレーション => 12 pages (41 min)
ハピネス => 34 pages (15 min)
Flying Witch => 35 pages

A few fun panels from today’s reading:






May 13 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Played some more Story of Seasons and ZTD today! Very different vibes :joy: I barely looked up anything today; maybe my threshold for lookups was just higher than usual, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything so :man_shrugging: and it’s not like ZTD was holding back, there’s definitely weird science stuff as always lmao. So pretty good reading day all around, pretty chill!


I saw another series by the author of Happiness (perhaps the currently running one), and it starts with a… cold :cold_face: cat :cat2:.

Looks interesting, but I have enough waiting-to-be-read mangas (as well as I want to try something else).


I’ve been reading consistently every day, even if its just a little article. :slight_smile:
I picked up 「オタク侍女とギャル令嬢、乙女ゲームの世界にシブヤを作ります!」on a whim because I love Gyarus + Otome games. Finished the first chapter this morning & I love it! Having two protagonists is really cool and I like how the reality that they’re DEAD isn’t brushed over. It was actually really sad ): Can’t wait to read the next chapter :slight_smile:


:tiger2: :books: Tanuki Den (aka Homepost): Date 20220514 :cherry_blossom: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XLIV: こじきのほこり :rice_ball:

Not much time today so just read today’s Edo tale.

:seedling: Japanese found in the tall grass :seedling:

New Things

乞食「こじき」ー Beggar; begging


I ended up not reading anything yesterday, unless you count some texts I got in Japanese. I was absolutely exhausted and went to bed early.

Today I read 41% → 47% of モテ薬. It had a “shocking” revelation that didn’t really wow me (2 of them actually) and the next chapter appears to be going back to the one sided conversation style. I think my problem with this book is that it’s just too long winded. I’m 100+ pages in now (almost 50% done!) and the plot has barely developed.

Thank you to everyone for the household word book suggestions! I appreciate it. I’ll look into them, though my 積読 pile is already quite big :joy:

Edit: Just realized I passed 50% of my yearly reading goal! :open_mouth: 5000 pages is the goal, I’m at 2510!


May 14th!

I read Chapter 7 of Yoru Cafe today. Still takes me ages to get through each chapter, but I’m starting to feel less intimidated by the amount of text, and less tired out by the time I finish. This week had a lot of cooking/kitchen vocabulary, which I already knew quite a bit of so that probably helped. :slight_smile:

(Home Post)


I ordered the first set of Level 1 Graded Readers last night!


I read the first four pages of “Hikoichi and the Living Umbrella”. NicoleRauch, you are right. This is turning out to be a good read! This also starts out with a Hikoichi being a person I don’t recognize from the other stories I’ve read about him. I can’t imagine him doing nothing but playing and losing all his money! I can’t wait to finish this story!


Very important word I just learned: 総そうルビ “having furigana on all kanji in a document”

I learned it because 本好きの下剋上 now has a 総ルビ edition! This is very exciting since 本好き has been on my wishlist basically since the first time I ever visited amazon.jp, back before I had any clue about anything. So now I have 本好き in my cart, and since I’m waiting until I finish 夜カフェ2 to place the order, this motivated me to read 5 pages even though I’m very tired from work. (And they were good pages. :slight_smile: )


@saturnine13 イェイ!ありがとう! I love your profile picture. :slight_smile:


Day 44 :heavy_check_mark: :milk_glass:

告白 ~ 64-65%

(Also the first chapter of Happiness, vol.2 for the offshoot club and two chapters of 佐賀のがばいばあちゃん for the IBC. )

Book club reading mostly today, and only one percent of my main book (although I may still read some more before bed). I wasn’t about to join the Happiness offshoot club (not especially impressed by vampires, and the story was slow going), but there is one character that I really like, and she was staring at me from the cover of vol.2 - I just couldn’t resist her. :smiley:

(How can you not love her?)

Since I mentioned I’m not a vampire person, here’s a fun poll (I didn’t add the yokai option, or it would be unfair to the other monsters, yokai all the way!)

Vampires or Zombies?
  • Vampires :vampire:
  • Zombies :zombie:
  • None… :flushed:

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From today’s vocabulary I like this one:
日常茶飯事 - everyday occurence (“everyday tea rice” :smiley: )


werewolves? Or is this an undead poll? :thinking: