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Mission : 5

Start Date: July 16th
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Man, work’s been so busy I fell behind again. And this is the last week. This is a pretty poor showing for my first time joining the Intermediate Book Club :sweat: But I’m caught up now! And I’m going to keep on trucking today and finish it!


Done! Three chapters read in one day! And I filled out the vocabulary sheet :triumph:


お疲れさまでした!Good effort everyone! Definitely one of the harder reads, but I enjoyed going through it with everyone. Looking forward to the next book.


Well that was fun. On to volume 2!

I guess I only really have one question… the very last line やいかに. I guess it means “how”? But I’m not sure what the whole meaning is… Especially with the すこしだけs before and no question mark.

Is there an offshoot club organised yet?

(I should stress, I am not volunteering to run one. I would be terrible. Barely managing to run own life at present.)


I read it yesterday. I don’t want to run it but sounds fun.