Spy x Family (Intermediate Book Club)

Umm. I would ring them first…

Volume 1 was the last one in the shelves, but quite possible they just needed to restock? Also might be in more than one spot? Maybe?


The website still has 1 and some sort of 1-3 set in stock, so I’m gonna just gamble on it. One doesn’t make phone calls if one can help it. (Though I swear, I cannot work out their system for sorting the Japanese manga. They’re sorted in English alphabetical order by the first letter in the book titles in Japanese, but after that, it seems completely random.)

Also, mostly going for Yuru Camp volume 11. Just came out in English. :grinning:


Yep, they were out of volume one, and volume one only. In both Japanese and English. The woman at the Japanese counter said they’d be getting more in this week. Didn’t ask about the English ones.

(I did get Yuru Camp 11, though. And Flying Witch 10.)


Sorry!! :sob:


Well, we’ve still got a month until the group starts. Just gotta get around to heading into the city again sometime.


Where do you live? It’s about 90 mins on the train for me, and I don’t actually spend much time at home - I’m often interstate.

Near enough that you can see the CBD from apartments higher in the building. And facing the right way. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There appears to be anime series on Netflix in my region too. I am somewhere in South East Asia. But I like manga’s drawing more.

Not sure how to get the subtitle to learn. Perhaps a Chrome extension, or maybe some different methods?

Are you familiar with this extension?

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Have heard of it, but I haven’t watch Netflix for ages. (I still share costs with my friends.)

Also, I am on Firefox (because of historical reasons; many things to be displeased with, though). On another machine (PC), I use Edge (which I don’t like Microsoft’s stance either).

And it’s new to me that it can be used on YouTube.

At least, it can be used on MS Edge, so far. (Despite the description in Language Reactor website)