Script to show Item Info on incorrect answer?

I’ve recently moved from doing my reviews on my mobile to using my laptop, because I’ve been getting quite bad RSI.

On my phone I use Flaming Durtles, and have it set up so that after I input an incorrect answer, it automatically shows me the Item Info (either the correct reading or the correct meaning, depending on what I’ve just answered incorrectly). I’m really missing this now I’m working on my laptop, as every time I get an answer wrong I have to move the mouse to the Item Info button which, pretty much not what my RSI needs right now :weary:

Obviously I could treat this as motivation to just, y’know, get the answers right, but I was wondering if there was a script I can use (ideally on Chrome) to show the info after an incorrect answer? I had a search on the messageboards and could only find ones that work on Android or IoS, which is presumably what Flaming Durtles is utilising.

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There are keyboard shortcuts by the way. If I remember correctly F opens up item info and Space unfolds it completely.

I never have to use my mouse during reviews.


Thank you so much!!!

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You may want to check this. It does what you want automatically. No need to press a key.

If you want the full info instead of just the meaning and reading you may use Double-Check. This script has the option of automatically showing the full info when an item is answered wrong.