How do I see correct answers automatically

Hi, it’s been a while since I did wanikani and am getting back to it. I think in the past, if I got an answer wrong, the right answer will pop up on the bottom, if I recall correctly…

Is there a way to see the correct answer automatically (script) when I get it wrong instead of me clicking on “item info every time” each time I get it wrong?


This script should do the job for you:

There area couple others that do similar things, but this the easiest to use.

Welcome back by the way! :smiling_face:


It’s a part of [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x), but you don’t have to allow retyping answer. It can add 1.5-second Enter block as well.

For a pure script, perhaps something like this.

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If you have an iphone, the Tsurukame app does this for you too. It has some other helpful features as well.

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Thank you it works but the incorrect answer (red) and the correct answer shown below the incorrect answer is also red. I tried looking in those links and it said something about being to change the color but how?


Thank you, I’ll try it!

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