Script to remove burn, infinity script, post 60/lifetime tool

something that continues the review span after burned or removes burning so items stay in enlightened forever and are reviewed every 6 months

thinking about the long game

I don’t think there is one unfortunately. I agree it would be useful but at this time all there is would be the revive button or alternatively something like Kamesame. However once we are max i feel like most of our retention would need to be from the consumption of native material anyway


Your best be is probably a script that shows the WK level when an item comes up for review so you can intentionally fail burning items.

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too much of a hassle. constant checking, who wants that?

anyone else who might know?

I don’t know of any script like this, but if someone were to start one they could use the Wanikani Get All Assignments API endpoint to search for recent burns. Here’s an example query for getting burned assignments from a specific date onwards: