Script that tells you if the Kanji/radical you are on right now is new and brings progress

can’t find such a script

I picture a little window like confusion guessed or some other popup that says “progress type!” or something

we got that?

There’s the ultimate timeline which marks which up-coming reviews contain progress items*, also which those items are, as well as when burns are coming up. It’s different from what you asked for, but it’s a very helpful script I find. ^^

*strictly speaking, it marks current level items, so that includes vocab which doesn’t help leveling. But you can see the type of items on the timeline or check the details of an upcoming review, so you’ll know when those important kanji and radicals are due for review.

not sure if i understand what you want exactly. do you mean something like this?

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There is no such script as far as I am aware. The srs and level indicator is the closest one


This pretty much just gives you an overall type-broadcast over the upcoming days. Doesn’t solve the problem of knowing, during the review, if or if not the item is important for the current level up

One can open WK a second time in a different time and cross-check every time, but it’s quite the hassle and prone to error

@shikaji this would help if I never made mistakes resulting in a high SRS level changing to a lower one. then I would be able to reference the number and deduce the items importance. this is about the level ups. an old item might be about to reach the srs level items need to reach for the level up (given the other items are so too) but without being one of the ones needed to be completed

@Kumirei who else might know?

I think I know about more scripts than most people. You could check the list of scripts, but I don’t think you’ll find it.


ah, now i get you. i’ve also never stumbled upon such a script, so the SRS indicator is the closest one.

not your question but i’m still gonna add this:
i have personally found that indicating SRS or in this case an unlocked kanji is another clue what the item might be and that fact helped me remember / distinguish which kanji i’m dealing with, especially with visual similar ones. so that kinda messes with your learning, cause you should judge by memory / radicals / mnemonics and not by some indicator. so i’m not a fan of these kind of scripts anymore.

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But surely you can simply give the timeline a glance before you start you review session and just remember which items up for review are from the current level?

I was about to also say something like this. It’s beneficial to have as little “meta info” you’re relying on as possible for your long-term memorization goals. When reading, you won’t have that kind of help anyways. Failing a kanji isn’t the end, but just part of the learning process.


My memory bad
Alas, WK

I also want it regardless.
Who do I need to pursue to get this to be a thing?
Pretty please?

I suggest you get yourself over to the request userscripts thread then! Good luck!

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Any places people can be hired to make it?

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If you are serious then you could always post a request with a reward and maybe someone will take it up

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Can’t find anymore. Repost in the thread linked above? What kind of reward? Any references?

Cake seems to be popular on the forum.

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I’m not sure about the logistics but ok, I shall have a cake for the creator delivered then

If you are at all serious, look at this as an example: Donate cash for a wanikani userscript game :-)

  • A clear design brief
  • A clear reward for the work
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That is what I meant, yes, so that the scripters would see it.

You were the one who mentioned hiring someone, so I think that’s up do you to decide. Whatever you think would entice someone to do it, I guess