Ultimate Timeline, is it considered cheating

Hi, I’m new here so I appreciate any expert opinion from you guys.

I just installed the script for ultimate timeline a few days ago, and due to knowing what kanji/vocabulary coming out next, I studied back those words that are unfamiliar to me. As such, I was wondering whether I’m cheating or somewhere along those line.

I really hope that I can improve my kanji, but if it defeats what wanikani want (memorising for long term), I’d rather not use it. For those who use the script, any thoughts?

I use it just to know when the next batches are coming. I set all my bars to the solid blue, so I don’t even know what types of items are included in the coming batches.

Checking what items are coming and reviewing them right before they appear does kind of defeat the purpose of the SRS, which should be obvious. If you waited 2 weeks for something, then review it in the hours before it comes, WK will give you credit for a 2 week gap, but it was really just a few hours.

If you want to review items you’re struggling on, do so after you get them wrong, not before they come.

But it’s up to you, there’s no prize for finishing WK.


Go into the options and disable the display of specific items, I don’t know why it’s set as standard


I do the same as @Leebo so I can plan my day. The only feature I find useful is to know through this fancy visual graph when the next batches are coming.

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If you review the items right before it really defeats the purpose. I mainly use it to see at what time my current “critical” reviews will pop up. So I look when current level radicals will be up and once I have finished the radicals when the second batch of kanji will come up. I still sometimes look which exact items will be there, to know wether it’s a relevant review session, but I don’t review those items before the review session.

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thanks. I think I’ll review what coming out one day before answering them. Thanks for your input!

You can do whatever you want, though I’m not sure why you’re thanking me. I told you to do the opposite, as did a few other people.


I also use it to see my upcoming reviews and to know when my critical reviews are coming up. Radicals and kanji from the current level that would be. I almost never practice items outside of reviews, and if I do it’s only after failing a review.

Why don’t you want to know what item types are coming up?

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Back when I was still leveling up, I just didn’t want to think about the item types of the batches before seeing them come. You see a batch of 6 radicals and you know it’s the ones from current level and you start thinking about them.

That’s just my preference, I wanted to take each item as it hit me.


Oh right, that makes sense. I don’t feel like I have that problem myself, but I might try it anyway. I guess I get kinda stressed when I know important items are coming up. Thanks for clarifying!

You should never study items before a review (even a day before). At least change the timeline settings to not show the specific items. You should only use the timeline to know how many items you have coming up, not to see what those upcoming reviews are and certainly not to study them.

To answer your original question, yes you are cheating. If you continue with this approach you won’t learn much and you are defeating the purpose of WaniKani’s teaching methods.

can you teach me how to disable the specific kanji letters? I’m kinda new in using this script… I’m using tamper monkey script installer…

Click the arrow, click the cog, ‘Show review details: No’

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I also think that this should be Default Setting. What do you feel about it, @rfindley?

Second function of Ultimate Timeline is planning what time of the day do you need to do the review? You can make it 5pm everyday, but with Ultimate Timeline, I plan using Current Level / Burn Marker.

Third function is to level up as fast as possible, by following Current Level Marker. This function might be considered cheating also?

I wanted to create another thread, but seems like I’ll better ask here.
Do you guys consider using kaniwani cheating? It also fiddles with wanikani distances in my brain. But helps to better memorize stuff two-ways.
I’m a bit confused with this and not very sure if it’s good or bad

Perhaps, but I would focus on EN->JP more than JP->EN anyway, so in the end it is beneficial.

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I don’t think its cheating… some words that pop up in my mind first is English instead of Japanese… so knowing immediately what the word is after that helps a lot.

I think you are not quite right here, there is a big prize by finishing WK and it is learning a shitload of kanji and vocab. By doing what @faizuddin is doing you are not going to get that prize.

Oh is that what I was doing? I didn’t realize.

Is this not proper English? That “you” was not obviously referring to “you”.