A script to see SRS level in review (BEFORE ANSWERING)

Hi there everyone ! ^^
Okay so, I’m pretty sure that I searched and that it just doesn’t exists yet, but I’m looking for a script that would show me if an item is apprentice/guru/etc directly on it’s review page like in a corner or something…

Would you help me ? :}
If it happens that there is no such script, I’ll code it, just have to learn how to do that…

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This script isn’t a good idea. Knowing the SRS level ahead of time will bias you when answering and could negatively affect your learning.


If you use the Ultimate Timeline script, you can see which items are due for review and how many items you could potentially upgrade to guru/master/enlightened/burned.

Not exactly what you want, but saves you from the trouble of coding with horrible JavaScript. :face_vomiting:


I respect your opinion but I mine differs on the matter. :slight_smile:


Here you go

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How would this information positively influence your reviews? The review sessions are not tests, they are checks to see in what SRS level the review items in your head are, so that those can be matched with the SRS levels in Wanikani.

I personally found with the reorder script, that when I knew if a review was a recent or old addition to my review pile, I usually was able to find out easier what the reading or meaning was. Similarly, I’m positive that knowing the SRS level will also influence your answers in the reviews, creating a dissonance between the review item locations in your head and in WK’s SRS.

It is your choice to do as you see fit of course, however be warned.


I must have some script installed, as my review screen tells me what level an item is.
But yeah, there’s times where I unintentionally think ‘well this item is master… So it can’t be X… I just learned that not too long ago… It must be Y’


I used to have the script enabled within the app and it definitely influenced how I answered. I feel like I’m being a lot more honest with myself about what I actually know or don’t know, now that I have it switched off.


That’s perfect thank you :slight_smile:

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