What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

to quote what I intially suggested in the “Flaming Durtles” thread:

A new feature suggestion : at the end of a review session, to give the ability to start a blindtest with the items of that session.
The audio is played without displaying details. Two big buttons are available:

    to display that item’s details (ie blindtest solution).
    to listen to the next item.
    Remaining available action is to return to the session summary.
    Regards :slight_smile:

The fact that you just play through items make it quick like an anki session. Judging by your speed you realise if you know the item well enough. 

Thanks & Regards, -David

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See this GitHub thread:

I’m looking for the same style listening test, but didn’t find it yet. 2 options:

  1. IKnow rapid quiz with wanikani decks. Love this, but it doesn’t sync with my progress which is disappointing.

  2. self study quiz - I’m using this daily. Good, but I still dream of something better :slight_smile:

Advice from @rfindley (earlier in this thread)

In Self-Study Quiz, you could do a rapid audio quiz like this:

  • Just say the answer out loud instead of typing anything.
    • If you get it right, just press ctrl-right to move to the next question without typing anything.
    • If you get it wrong, put an “x” in the answer field to mark it wrong
    • If you need to see the answer, press F1 or ?
  • Press ctrl-right to move on to the next question.
  • When you reach the end of the quiz (or if you press escape to quit early), you’ll see a summary screen with all of the ones you marked wrong, and you can click the Re-quiz button to review just the ones you marked.
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it differs from my need : i realized that in my case, I could not to listen a word audio and recognize its meaning.
When reading, you may not master a word, but you can retrieve its meaning and pronunciation from its spelling.
When doing a audio blindtest, recognition of the word can only happen if you truly mastering the word spelling, pronunciation and pitch.

To me, succeeding in such a audio blindtest would be a much better proof that you know the word by heart.

The self-study quiz listening mode does that well. Listen to the word. Decide if you know it, check the meaning of you like. Mark it as right or wrong. Get to the end, retest the ones you missed. No typing or reading. Just listen.

I do this for all recently reviewed items twice a day. Gives me plenty of listening practice. Usually looks something like listening test for 60 items, retest 10, retest 3, got it.

A script that shows you if the kanji/radicl you are currently reviewing makes you level up (current level)

similar to confusion guesser

So which exactly do you want? To know if it’s current level, or if it is required (or could be) for level-up?

For example, some levels after 42 don’t require you to do any current level radical lessons (with so few radicals in those levels anyway) to level up.

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let’s pretend this is a kanji or radical

i want to get a warning whenever a symbol is needed for the current level up
it could look like the suggestion box or simply a warning emoji shows somewhere, preferably close to the symbol so my eyes don’t need to wander too far

script that removes the burned section or prevents items from ever getting there keeping them in a 6 month loop or less


I wonder if it would be possible to customise the order of the kanji being learned.
I love wanikani, but my japanese lessons use Basic Kanji Book and the kanji order is different, so I use wanikani less when taking lessons.

I took a initial look at the API, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the order :thinking:

Not possible


Quick question! I am not sure if this is the right thread but anyway.
I was wondering if there is an userscript that lets me see how many vocabs are on a level on the main page of wanikani (you know just like you can see the radicals and the kanji )

Go here:


You can configure the report to display the information you want. You will need to enter an API V2 key to enable the functionality though.

Huh? isn’t that just a stats report page?
with main page I mean there, under the kanjis:

You have to go to the Items > Wanikani submenu.


There you can have a list of items. To have what you want you click on Open Config and have the items grouped by level and item type.


Once you have done that the report will display like this:

This screenshot shows just level 1 but you have the info for all levels.

But that only shows it on this https://www.wkstats.com/v2/items/wanikani page
not when I go to https://www.wanikani.com/dashboard
At least that doesn’t change anything on my dashboard.

Correct. This is the exact link I gave you.

I believe you don’t really know what I mean, I wanna see this on my Wanikani dashboard, not on a statistic page. I wanted to know if there is an userscript that makes them appear on dashboard right under the kanji. NOT at wkstats ^^

You didn’t say so. I thought you just wanted the information. I am not aware of such a script. Be aware that this will display around 190 vocab items per level which takes a lot of room on the dashboard.

The closest that I know of is the Item Inspector script that I wrote. It does not display a list of icons like you want but you can configure it to display a table of vocabulary items for the current level on your dashboard. If you are willing to settle for this I can help you setting up the configuration that you need.

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i said several times „main page“ of wanijani and even showed you a picture.
But anyway thanks for trying to help. I will try out the script thanks

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