What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

As far as I know there is (so far) no such script


Thanks Kumirei :blush: :heart:

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If you want I could easily adapt this script to do something similar for kanji?


If it’s an easy adaption, that would be great! I have about 200 vocab leeches where I just can’t recognize the radicals of the kanji, but I know the mnemonics :frowning_face: They are really slowing me down, and by now just having a hint like showing me the radicals would get these leeches to go away.

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This sounds like you need to practice how to recognize the radicals in the kanji. When you will read Japanese nothing will show you the radicals. If you can’t recognize the kanji from the radicals you will get stuck.

There is this script that upgrade self-study script you can use. You define a list of the troublesome kanji and practice then in Self-Study Script. Perhaps this will help.

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Script that tells you if the Kanji/radical you are on right now is new and brings progress

I’d like a script which would make wanikani give positive feeback after reviews or even during reviews. I take mistakes and such in these really personally and get frustrated easily when during a quiz or similar it shows me that I made a mistake and leaves it at that. I get along much better if I am complimented regulary. As such, it would be neat if wanikani would, after review, give a message like ‘You already know 60% of the asked radicals/kanji/vocab! You’re doing great!’ and similar messages (like if you get below 50% or so it tells you that you can do it and so forth). That would make using the app a lot less frustrating expirience for me (and probably for others too) and make learning that much easier.


nop. That’s frustration that makes the SRS working, and failed items to stick in your brain.

You could alter one of the scripts found in here and make them say nice things instead


A script that moves wrong items further back in the review queue.
This prevents getting an item wrong and reviewing right after reading the infos again.

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extension for confusion guesser
script that does the same but also remembers false entries if they repeat and counts them. any that happened more than 4-5 times is displayed

Maybe something like this already exists, but I’d love a way to tag difficult kanji/vocab and be able to pull up the list.

Not sure if this still works

Is there an extension which you can see/review the difficult kanji/vocabulary that you have problems with. I would like something where you can sort by level (or range of levels) by how many times you’ve failed/gotten it wrong.

I’m aware of the Self-Study extension, but it doesn’t have the granular sorting or flexibility of what I suggested above.

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Item Inspector does this. It shows what is called a leech table. This is a list of items you have problem with identified by a leech formula which measures the amount of trouble an item gives you. You can configure it to use other statistics like the number of times you get it wrong or the percentage of times you got it correct. But I recommend using the leech formula. It does a good job at measuring the trouble you have… (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector)


Not really a request, but now that WaniKani Explorer is defunct, is there something else that I can use to get a list of all my kanji/vocab I have unlocked/in the SRS?

Presumably the Item Inspector can do this @prouleau


Yes Item Inspector does it. Here the procedure.

  1. Create a table called Unlocked


  1. Create a filter for selecting the items for all your levels.


  1. Make Unlock Date the Table Data Element.


This will display all your items sorted by the date they were unlocked. Items still locked will be located at the end of the table with the mention “Not Yet”.

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Thanks, that did the trick! :blush:


I want a countdown for my reviews like with memrise for example, I want it to be visual and not just show the seconds. And I want to be able to customize it, say 10-15 seconds would be plenty for me. Maybe if I get a wrong answer I get 15 seconds if not just go with 10

I think that if I create a bit of urgency I might be able to no get lost in thought as often while doing reviews