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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-01-08 :books: 本好きの下剋上第一部3 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: 1 chapter (37 pages) 35m

So today I read chapter 14 of 本好きの下剋上3 and with it the main story content of this manga. There’s a little bit more left, including a bonus side story chapter with Frieda’s introduction and what appears to be a little 6 page short story. I’m guessing more of Benno and Otto’s conversation, but I haven’t read it yet. Some more complicated language today, talking about contracts and magic, though much like the paper making section, at least the manga itself explains itself a bit.


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・ 夏のレプリカ Replaceable Summer (52% → 54%)

Today was a tiring day so I didn’t read much (class, driving lesson, listening challenge, lack of sleep). Will dedicate some time tomorrow instead.


Jan 9 | Home

  • Another chapter of 夜カフェ, they did a title drop! 81% now.
  • Read half of 僕の心のやばいやつ5… dying of diabetes.

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Finally updated with formatting!


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Today I read かまきり

This one was cute and very short. A mantis explained different parts of its anatomy. I was happy that I understood most of the words and their meanings without needing the pictures! Even a few I learned recently on WK.

Yesterday I learned about this series list on Natively for graded readers. I’ll be using this sorted by difficulty, so I know what my next book will be for quite a while!

Next up is 青い



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Jan 8

  • Chapter 141 from シャドーハウス, which finishes up volume 13!
  • Chapter 2 from ジョジョの奇妙な冒険. This one felt a lot easier to read than the first chapter!

I’ve been thinking about that too, even though I’ve only just finished volume 13! Feeling a bit nervous since so many chapters have cliffhangers, and I don’t want to be left hanging and waiting :smiling_face_with_tear:



Today I read 3 Level 0 graded readers on Tadoku and finished reading Unit 6 of my grammar textbook.


Jan 8
夜のピクニック 40% - 42%

Jan 9
夜のピクニック 42% - 50%

Love flights for the guaranteed reading time. I wonder whether I can finish 夜のピクニック before my holiday’s over… to be honest, I’m speeding through it because I’m looking forward to reading アフターダーク.


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:star2: 01月07日 Read: Progress:
:sunrise_over_mountains: Oku Nikkou 1 ep 3/62 eps
:star2: 01月08日 Read: Progress:
:ghost: グースバンプス 1 pg 14/189 pgs

Lol there’s been much drama at work so no Japanese time.


It always takes me a long time to get into the swing of reading in Japanese, but then, like today, I do a lot once I start a book. So I spent an hour completing my re-read of book 2 of Cherry Magic so that I could finally read book 3, which I bought last month as a Christmas gift to myself.


Day 8

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台所のドラゴン chapters 1 & 2

Something exciting happened:

I didn’t understand the 爪立て in the last panel, but since I understood what was happening from the pictures, I was able to discern a general meaning. I feel like I’m learning the way a child does: she pushes on the dragon’s back → dragon get mad and scratches her → “I’m sorry, don’t ??? me!” Conclusion: it has to do with scratching.


9th jan

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another (difficult :sob: ) chapter of ouran which finished off vol 6. vols 5 and 6 were a noticeable improvement on the ones before, at least for me, cos there were a lot more fourth wall/meta jokes which were always the part i enjoyed most in the anime. also made a start on ドラゴン、家(いえ)を買(か)う vol 2 and ehhh i’ll finish it. could have read two chapters but wasn’t feeling it.

today’s nhk article was this one, plus another granblue chapter, and the entries on に限(かぎ)って (i meant に限(かぎ)らず yesterday, i mistyped…) and に関(かん)して in aDoIJG

words that stood out, foods edition:

オマール - lobster
コンソメ - consommé, clear soup
マリネ - marinade
ラー油(ゆ) - (chinese) chilli oil


Jan 9, Tue of Week 2 of Q1 2024


  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 Ch.3 (33-34%)

  • 狼と香辛料 Vol.1 Ch.4 (59-67%)

Words of the day
  • 折おり紙付がみつき = certified; guaranteed; notoriously. Just nice to have 折おり紙がみ attached (which is somehow 検定証けんていしょう).
  • 寝入ねいりばなを起おこされる = being woken just when one has just fallen asleep. The first part is 寝入ねいり端ばな.
  • 皮算用かわざんよう = unreliable estimate. From 捕とらぬ狸たぬきの皮算用かわざんよう, counting tanuki pelts before they are caught (and skinned).
  • 外征がいせい = foreign military campaign. Probably like 遠征えんせい, without emphasizing farness.
  • ~ぼったい. = appearing quite. 腫はれぼったい in context. Probably grammar, but I can’t find a grammar page for this one.

Book highlights

デリー=スルターン朝 = Delhi Sultanate - Wikipedia
ムガル帝国 = Mughal Empire - Wikipedia

バーブル = Babur - Wikipedia
シャー=ジャハーン = Shah Jahan - Wikipedia. Built タージ=マハル廟. (Pronounced びょう perhaps.)
アウラングゼーブ = Aurangzeb - Wikipedia


:dragon: :red_gift_envelope: 1日8月 :red_gift_envelope: :dragon: (Home Post Link)

Big wind storm knocked out power for a few hours during my prime attention time, and so also my ambitions of reading as much as I wanted to today.


  • とらドラ! 194 → 200 - finally in the 200s and over 80% done! feels like I’m in the home stretch at last :tiger2:
  • Analects - Book 1 and 2 - now that I’m into the actual text, it’s a lot slower to read and digest. In no hurry though, something like this benefits from a slow, careful reading (and probably re-reading)
  • CHNM - 26 → 32 - done with language history, on to script!

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:notes: Kiki-Mimi Radio, episodes 15 and 16.

I really wanted to do more, but I’m too tired… :smiling_face_with_tear:


1月5日 - 薬屋くすりやのひとりごと
1月6日 - 薬屋のひとりごと
1月7日 - 薬屋のひとりごと
1月8日 - 薬屋のひとりごと

Working through a backlog of 月刊げっかんビッグガンガン magazines with a chapter each. The palace / royalty / China in the Middle Ages vocabulary is still slowing me down every now and then… but hey, I’ll take it as a history lesson. Full furigana really helps to make this a relatively laid-back read.

(Watched one episode of the anime with subtitles just to hear the voice actors and they had translated 後宮こうきゅう as “rear palace”, I think “inner palace” has a much better ring to it.)

1月9日 - となりの猫と恋知らず 7

Another new chapter, these are rolling in quick. Third character introduced. Not sure whether to read 兎原 as うばら or とはら, kinda surprised this series doesn’t have furigana…

(Also can’t believe 兎うさぎ isn’t in WaniKani at all!)

I felt the presence of 地主 in this panel


January 9th!

A chapter of スーパーの裏でヤニ吸うふたり today. I struggled with it a bit, not sure why, might just not be at my sharpest because I’m a bit tired!

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・ 夏のレプリカ Replaceable Summer (54% → 63%)

Today was a good relaxing day. Nice weather, not so cold anymore (just -10 C), so my glasses didn’t freeze over while walking outside in the sun.

Tomorrow will probably be busy.



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-01-09 :books: 本好きの下剋上第一部3 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: 1 chapter
:page_facing_up: 12 pages
:deciduous_tree: 小さな森のオオカミちゃん2 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: 5 chapters
:page_facing_up: 89 pages

So I wanted to do some reading before bed last night, but I wanted something with less lookups required for me than 本好きの下剋上 or デジモンサヴァイブ, so I started the second volume of 小さな森のオオカミちゃん after reading the first volume with the book club some time ago. It’s certainly still the easiest Japanese content I’ve read (so good for pre-bed reading), and I read basically half the volume in one sitting, which is the most at ease I’ve felt reading Japanese. Since I’d already posted yesterday’s challenge update before reading that, I’m including it in today’s (also given the time I went to bed, it technically was today already).

On the other end of my personal difficulty spectrum, I read the bonus chapter of 本好きの下剋上第一部3。Which turned out to be the most difficult chapter in the manga, despite only being 12 pages long, at least for me. Fantasy cooking, _with ingredients that they didn’t even give furigana for. I spent way too long trying to figure out why neither jotoba or jisho had an entry for 野莱. By taking the kanji on their own I guess it’s meant to be “wild goosefoot”, which turns out to be an type of plant that I didn’t even know the name of English. Jisho/Jotoba both just kept telling me it’s a historical Chinese place name. Anyway, since this turned out to be a cooking chapter, I’m going to guess that instead it the short story that covers the Frieda introduction.


Jan 10

  • Flew through today’s 夜カフェ、nearly done!
  • left on a cliffhanger in 心やばい5 last night so will definitely get back to that

Not sure if I’ll jump straight into another novel after 夜カフェ、might give it a little rest. I’m fully yomitan pilled now though, it makes skimming so easy