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Today I read the next tadoku book on my list ありますか?

This one made me very hungry! All the pictures of the food looked so good! It helped me understand あります like how どうぞどうも helped me understand the phrases that was named after.

The pictures also helped me understand some words I was reading the hiragana for without having to look anything up, like いか for squid.

Tomorrow I’ll read かまきり



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Jan 7

Read chapter 141 from シャドーハウス.



I had other stuff to do today, so I only read half of Unit 6 in my grammar textbook and a short fancomic. I watched about 5 minutes of a Japanese let’s play I started earlier in the week, but stopped because I couldn’t focus.


1月 第1週
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Instead of an everyday update, I’ll just be doing a weekly one instead! :slight_smile:

Progress: Episode 11 to episode 16 of 聞き耳のラジオ and finished the first from the Spanish short stories for beginners Volume 2 titled “El Castillo”.

The last week I read 聞き耳のラジオ on Satorireader every day and two days of Spanish beginner stories. The Japanese reading is slightly more challenging than the Spanish reading. But I’m super thankful for Satorireader for making it so easy to just hover over words I don’t know. Spanish is fairly easy except for a few words I’m not familiar with. The only thing is since I’m reading a PDF version I can’t use the automatic look up using my e-reader.


:umbrella: :notebook: 1月 7日 :memo: :umbrella:

Book Natively Progress Notes
:womans_hat: とんがり帽子のアトリエ Lv 26 26% → 36%

Finished the first chapter! I’m starting to realize that weekends don’t provide any more reading time than an average weekday for me, unfortunately :sweat_smile: Except for Thursdays! So now I can’t wait for Thursday evening to settle in with a stack of books and read for hours ^–^


incredible cosmic abilities

and …ok but what do i do with that…

See you tomorrow! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

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Can you put the pics in a details tag? I know it’s not a spoiler but I like to go in a manga without having seen anything of it beforehand :pray:


Day 7

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よつばと volume 4 chapter 26 & 27, 小さな森のオオカミちゃん chapter 1 & 2


Jan 8th

Today is the weekly page for the daily Stoic journal I’m using. Last week was about what we can control and what we can’t, and this week… I’ve already forgotten. :scream: I guess I’ll look over the page again later since I’m supposed to ruminate on it throughout the week. :joy:


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It’s been a pretty stressful and sleep deprived few days, but back home now.

On my way back, I dipped into a few half-priced books just to look for stuff. Most of it was kinda normal things you’d expect, nothing particularly interesting, but I did pick up this full set of the 70s space battleship yamato manga. Idk why you’d ever get rid of this, but people make choices sometimes, and I know a good opportunity when I see one :laughing:


  • とらドラ!191 → 194
  • more ヤニ吸う
  • アオのハコ for the week
  • The Analects of Confucius - 0 → 55 - after seeing how much ink has been spilled and how much rich historical linguistics people 2000 years ago were doing specifically about this text, it seemed improper not to try to find a copy. I read pieces of it years ago for an asian religions class, but not enough for me to have strong strong impressions. This penguin classics edition has an excellent introduction that talks about changes in interpretation over time, and also dives quite a bit into the use of language in the footnotes. I wish it included chinese characters in addition to the romanizations, that’s my only complaint with it.
  • ACNM 23 → 26

you’re zooming!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I love those kinds of stories!

And while you didn’t enjoy it, would you mind sharing the link to the sushi story please? Like @danyramdas this sounds like something I might be interested in reading


I explained everything in this message :wink:


Nice, thank you! I didn’t see it before :smiley:


8th jan

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read not one but two ouran chapters today! they were basically one big chapter and splitting it between today and tomorrow felt weird. had to take a break in between but i did it! didn’t really read much else tho :sweat_smile:

today’s nhk article was this one, did another granblue chapter (the new year’s stuff is finally over, so it doesn’t take as long), and the entries on にほかならない and に限(かぎ)って in aDoIJG

words that stood out

おてまみ - so apparently this is a version of 手紙(てがみ) that was popular in the 80s. ig it was there for comedic purposes?
あらば - literary form of あれば
やんごとない - august, exalted, noble (birth)
御簾(みす) - bamboo blind


Jan 8, Mon of Week 2 of Q1 2024

  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 (32-33%)

  • 狼と香辛料 Vol.1 start Ch.4 (51-59%)

Words of the day
  • 紅海こうかい = Red Sea - Wikipedia
  • マンネリ化か = becoming stereotyped; getting caught in mannerism (マンネリズム)
  • 刷毛はけ = brush. The verb is 刷はく (掃はく).
  • 随一ずいいち = the best
  • 修道女しゅうどうじょ = a nun. Doing a specific form of 修行しゅぎょう.
  • お座ざなり = routine; makeshift; slapdash; perfunctory
  • 他意たいはない = no ulterior motives
  • 御多分ごたぶんに漏もれず = as usual; no exception to the rules
  • 高たかを括くくる = to underrate; to make light of

Book highlights

オスマン帝国 = Ottoman Empire - Wikipedia. English spelling doesn’t feel like Japanese.
イル=ハン国 = Ilkhanate - Wikipedia (Il-khanate). Font confusion between Il and II.
カスティリャ王国 = Kingdom of Castile - Wikipedia. Today a part of Spain.
ティムール帝国 = Timurid Empire - Wikipedia
サマルカンド = Samarkand - Wikipedia. Sounds like somewhere in Final Fantasy?

サファヴィー朝 = Safavid dynasty - Wikipedia
プレヴェザの海戦 = Battle of Preveza - Wikipedia
イェニチェリ = Janissary - Wikipedia. The shortcut for the first two Kana is YE.
シャー・アッバス1世 = Abbas the Great - Wikipedia
サアディー = Saadi Shirazi - Wikipedia


Looks like the images aren’t appearing anymore by the way.

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:open_book: Title Source Notes
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ホリミヤ vol. 1 manga 3 pages
:heart_decoration: LOVE&GAME Idolish7, the game (I think) Translated 1 p.

The song I’m tranlating is this one (of course I don’t have the translation with me when I work on it :sweat_smile:)

It features one of my favorite seiyuu (japanese voice actor), KENN :star_struck:


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01月08日 Read: Progress:
:wolf: 小さな森の狼ちゃん Vol 1 18 pages 066/175

Not as much as I would have liked today as work was busy and I felt a bit under the weather, but managed half a chapter of 狼ちゃん and also flicked through a few pages of 文豪 to pick out some new words for Anki.

Some new words

篤志家 とくしか philanthropist
点呼 てんこ role-call
喇叭 喇叭 horn/trumpet/bugle
変身 へんしん shapeshifting

If I perk up a little I’m going to give the first chaper of 壁の穴 a go, over on Satori Reader later on tonight.


AHH thank you :sob: so embarrassing dsklgjdflkjg


January 8th!

Chapter 150 of Shadows House today.
With only 2 weeks left before finishing this volume (14), and with only one more currently published, I’m starting to think about reaching the “end” and needing to wait for new volumes to be published. :grin:
No need to worry about that just yet, since volume 16 is due for release on Feb 19th - but its still on my mind!

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1月8日 | Home post

  • ふらいんぐうぃっち (2) Chapter 9 pp. 57-62

Today was a very busy day, I only read for 5min before bed because of this challenge.