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  • ふらいんぐうぃっち (2) Chapter 9 pp. 63-64

Only 2 pages read today, because I’m not feeling well. I hope I’m not coming down with something. I’m going to sleep now.


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1月9日 and 1月10日

Each day a lesson on Satori Reader and some more on monday.

Looking forward to reading tomorrow.


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Today I read 青い

This was a simple book showing different things that are blue. What surprised me was that certain things that appear green are also called blue. I want to look into this because I had no idea that things like kale could be described as such.This, like the previous graded readers I’ve gone through, was good for vocab.

Tomorrow, I’ll move on to よむ???



:umbrella: :notebook: 1月 8-9日 :memo: :umbrella:

Book Natively Progress Notes
:crystal_ball: ありす19th Lv 20 16% → 31%
:green_book: 美知子の星空 Lv 19 0% → 18% graded reader

Combining my days because yesterday my reading time was in bed right before sleep, so I didn’t get to make a post :innocent: :sleeping_bed:

I mentioned this in my study log but I want to start dipping my toes into novels soon, rather than exclusively read manga like I have been. I decided to start with 「美知子の星空」 which is a free graded reader that I’ve had on my to-read list for over a year. It’s very accessible in vocab and grammar but I quickly find my eyes wandering over the lines after a few minutes :sweat_smile: But the purpose of easing into books is to build my wall-of-text stamina, so a little at a time is perfectly acceptable for now.

I also continued with ありす19th! It’s such a nostalgic shoujo story that has me like giggling and kicking my feet at the boy drama :3 It also does my all-time favorite manga gimmick of inserting a photo into a scene in lieu of drawing a landscape ahaha


lmaooo :sob: i love it when they do this

I hope everyone in the way of these recent/upcoming winter storms is staying bundled up!
See you tomorrow („• ֊ •„)

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There’s a bit to learn about there; it’s quite interesting. And it’ll lead to learning about why みどり doesn’t end in い like あかい, あおい, etc.

It also came up in Volume 33 of Detective Conan (spoiler).

(Read panels and balloons from right to left.)


God damnit. I think I’m 僕の心のヤバいやつ pilled. They got me, the bastards. There’s only four vols left to read and I want to put everything aside to keep going. I mean, it’s language learning, right??? And I get like 44% points back so I’m losing money by not buying them all right now right???*

  • logic not necessarily valid, please check terms and conditions for more details

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Jan 9

Read chapter 55 of スキップ・ビート!, which starts off volume 10. It feels nice to have a fairly easy time reading this now and remembering how difficult it felt reading this same series about half a year ago.


The progression curve feels so good … though the weird thing is if I look at my stats for some of my manga, I’m at about the same time to read per volume… oh well, whatever. I’m enjoying reading and that’s the important thing.


Jan 8: I also read more Alice 19th in bed before going to sleep.

Jan 9 (yesterday): I read Alice 19th right before going to sleep (which is why I never updated yesterday to fix the record for Jan 8th, because I planned to do that in my next update :joy:)

Jan 10 (today): Started reading a new non-fiction book in English. Cashflow by Michael W. Lucas, a fellow writer who is making it. I’ve been reading his comments recently on a blog I follow and I was reminded how informative and amusing he can be. So even though now is not a time I need the knowledge in the book, I thought I’d start reading it to see if there are gems for now.

I had trouble last night trying to figure something out while reading Alice 19th:

The first thing there, what even is that? 12? I thought maybe に, but I see there is one later in the bubble and it looks different. リコンシュミ also means nothing to me, nor the dictionaries I checked. And 12 of it? If more info about the situation is needed, I can provide it.

@taiyousea I’m so glad you are enjoying Alice 19th so far! The relationship stuff, emotions and character stuff just gets better in my opinion, feels very real. So I hope it keeps being a treat!


ロリコン趣味しゅみ. Also not sure if that specific Katakana sequence can also be seen elsewhere.


Day 9

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小さな森のオオカミちゃん chapters 3 & 4

Your wind storm came south and tried to knock my power out too!


Yes, I agree. The katakana ‘ro’ in that font is drawn in quite a cursive style…


@polv and @pm215, I would never have guessed the first one could be ロ. I even pulled up a katakana chart and double checked if there was a similar character, and it didn’t even enter my mind to think maybe it was ロ.

I just now remember I do own the English edition so I could go check what they made of that. BRB…

This is the translation: Why don’t you go haunt some loser who likes cos-playing little girls? (faithfully reproduced, yes that hyphen was there and not to break across two lines, it was 2003)

So I think they agree that it said ロリコン. I also just realized that I was reading that as ロリータ which is not the same (although the terms are related). :sweat_drops: Anyway, I don’t think we have to talk a lot more about what it means. I definitely understand now. :cold_sweat:

Thanks for the help! :smiley:


Yep it’s definitely ロ, we had it show up in the BBC recently 🎨 This Art Club has a Problem! (BBC) - Week 3 - #5 by ChristopherFritz


10th jan

today was not productive, no substantial manga reading of any kind though i did go through some book/encyclopedia samples looking for an accessible overview kind of book on the bakumatsu/meiji restoration period, plus did some listening practice (which isn’t really for here but there was text on screen so it sort of counts)

managed an nhk article (have they updated the layout of the main news page on desktop?), a granblue chapter, but no dictionary entries cos they just won’t go in if i do them now.


Jan 10, Wed of Week 2 of Q1 2024

  • JoJo Part 1, 3 chapters
  • DIJG : にも拘らず (にも関わらず),   に基づいて

  • 狼と香辛料 Vol.1 Ch.4-5 (67-73%)

Words of the day
  • 思慕しぼの情じょう = yearning
  • 首根くびねっこを押おさえる = to be held by the neck (by the vitals)
  • のっぴきならぬ = unavoidable; inescapable = 退のっ引ぴきならない


:dragon: :red_gift_envelope: 1日9月 :red_gift_envelope: :dragon: (Home Post Link)

Today was a lot of thinking about reading and learning… but then not actually doing all that much reading or learning :melting_face:

I got that new years hankering to try out SRS again, but I want to try it in a particular new goal-oriented way rather than just going back to anki sentence mining like I’ve done (and given up on) before. Using jpdb to pre-learn words for a specific book is not something i’ve ever tried, but I like that it kinda automatically avoids the problems I have with long term srs. The goal isn’t to learn all the words, it’s just to lessen the load of looking up words when you actually try reading the book. Since 狼と香辛料 is going to be a hard read with a lot of new vocab, and is also in my bingo plan for the year, I thought I’d start setting up a deck for the first volume of that.


  • とらドラ!200 → 208
  • Analects - Book 3

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01月09/10日 Read: Progress:
:wolf: 小さな森の狼ちゃん Vol 1 9 pages 075/175
:mouse: 壁の穴 2 chapters 2/58

Finished up chapter 3 of 狼ちゃん yesterday morning, and have also read two chapters of 壁の穴.

I’m definitely glad I’m having a look at Satori Reader, because reading stories as opposed to manga is very different, so good to be getting practice with a variety of writing styles.



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-01-10 :books: 本好きの下剋上第一部3 :green_book: Manga :white_check_mark: Bonus SS
:page_facing_up: 8 pages
:deciduous_tree: 小さな森のオオカミちゃん2 :green_book: Manga :white_check_mark: 7 chapters
:page_facing_up: 113 pages

Double finish today. Last night I finished out 小さな森のオオカミ2, in a bit of comfortable bedtime reading as you can see by that pace, and then after work today I finished out 本好きの下剋上第一部3 with a bit of rather more involved reading, as you can also see from that pace.

The natively reading speed graphs say it all really:



(No points for guessing the page numbers of the short story)


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:open_book: Title Source Notes
:notes: Kiki-Mimi Radio Satori Reader Episodes 17 et 18
:snowflake: 笠(かさ)地蔵(じぞう) Japanese Graded Readers Very cute tale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My Japanese graded readers books level 1 are becoming too easy for me, I have to read them quick or they will soon become a boring reading :sweat_smile: Fortunately, the stories are often very cute, so even if they’re not very challenging, I feel like reading them nonetheless.