📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

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As a beginner, reading still asks me a lot of energy and research. For now, I can only read a few pages at a time, but I love reading in japanese and this is one of my goal learning the language, so I’ll stick to it.

Sometimes, a reading session at the end of the day is too much for my exhausted brain. I don’t want to blame myself for it and that’s why I won’t keep a precise count of my reading sessions. Reading must stay a pleasure and not become a chore for me. Otherwise, knowing myself, it will be burnout.
So “step by step and always with desire” is the motto here :blush:

:open_book: Reading Type Notes
:heart_eyes: ホリミヤ vol. 1 Manga Catching up with a previous reading of the ABBC
:revolving_hearts: 花野井くんと恋の病 vol. 4 Manga A condition called love, high school romance
:jar: The Jam Maker Satori Reader series Here it is
:hibiscus: 薬屋のひとりごと volume 11 Light Novel The Apothecary Diaries volume 11
:parrot: ジャングルから脱出せよ - Jungle Escape Choose-your-own-adventure-book There is a book club here
A calendar
:snowflake: :scarf: :evergreen_tree: Jan :evergreen_tree: :scarf: :snowflake:
01 [8p] 02 [1p] 03 [2p] 04 [1p] 05 [2p] 06 [12p] 07 [21p]
08 [4p] 09 [2p] 10 [14p] 11 [2p] 12 [0p] 13 [0p] 14 [1p]
15 [1p] 16 [1p] 17 [1p] 18 [0p] 19 [16p] 20 [9p] 21 [21p]
22 [2p] 23 [3p] 24 [4p] 25 [2p] 26 [5p] 27 [4p] 28 [8p]
29 [6p] 30 [1p] 31 [4p]
:dragon: :snowboarder: :love_letter: Feb :love_letter: :snowboarder: :dragon:
01[5p] 02[7p] 03[11p] 04[3p]
05[1p] 06[5p] 07[3p] 08[2p] 09[23p] 10[0p] 11[3p]
12[2p] 13[3p] 14[2p] 15[0p] 16[0p] 17[0p] 18[0p]
19[0p] 20[0p] 21[7p] 22[8p] 23[16p] 24[12p] 25[9p]
26[100p] 27[49] 28[80] 29[5p]
:tulip: :cloud_with_rain: :sunny: Mar :sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :tulip:
01[10p] 02[37p] 03[3p]
04[18p] 05[6p] 06[2p] 07[24p] 08[12p] 09[21p] 10[13p]
11[3p] 12[10p] 13[0p] 14[0p] 15[0p] 16[0p] 17[31p]
18[4p] 19[20p] 20[0p] 21[82p] 22[61p] 23[5p] 24[7p]
25[3p] 26[3p] 27[3p] 28[6p] 29[2p] 30[3p] 31[14]
When finished
:books: Book name Type / Source Notes
:frog: かえるくん、東京を救う Short Story Super Frog saves Tokyo by Murakami Haruki, a surreal, funny and breath-taking text. A great reading.
:notes: Kiki-Mimi Radio Series On Satori Reader, not the series of the year but it was cute and even breath-taking at the end.
:heavy_heart_exclamation: Sakura and Suzuki Series On Satori Reader, I enjoyed it a lot, it was really cute and refreshing.
:revolving_hearts: 花野井くんと恋の病 vol. 1 Manga Sweet high school romance
:revolving_hearts: 花野井くんと恋の病 vol. 2 Manga A condition called love, high school romance
:revolving_hearts: 花野井くんと恋の病 vol. 3 Manga A condition called love, high school romance
:sunglasses: 可愛いだけじゃない式守さん vol. 1 Manga Read with the ABBC. Cute and refreshing romance, and they’re already together so no need to wait x volumes before they begin dating^^ I’ve already bought volume 2 :innocent:
:heart_eyes: ホリミヤ vol. 1 Manga For when I finally catch up with the ABBC : Cute, moving, I loved it :heart:
:sushi: 寿司(すし) Japanese Graded Readers A short historical and cultural introduction to sushi. Useful kitchen vocabulary. However, I didn’t really enjoy it…
:snowflake: 笠地蔵 Japanese Graded Readers Very cute tale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: