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Day 41: February 10th

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 9 min

Honestly, work was stupid and frustrating and mental breakdown/stress freakout-inducing today, it really just ruined my entire mood. I was fully prepared to just skip reading all together and break my streak, like I legit just did not care. But I eventually calmed down a bit and felt like I could read today’s entry for this, at least. I’ll catch up on the colors book tomorrow, I don’t have the mental…whatever to read that right now. I’m going to go do today’s wordle, look at something cute (probably baby whales), and then go to bed.


Aw man, I’m sorry to hear work was rough today. :frowning:

But look at this イルカ, he has brought you a video to try to cheer you up!


Yesterday I read sixteen pages of Deathnote and today I read fourteen pages of ちゃお. Here’s a couple fun vocabulary I learnt:

キラキラ-----glittering; sparkling; twinkling​

ぽくぽく------rhythmically (beating, e.g. gong)​


Oh nooo, it’s so cute!! They’re so smol :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
Thank you :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Day 40:

日本語: I read a lot of 機動強襲型令嬢アリシア物語1.
Read-aloud: We read two chapters of 7SEEDS (finished v27).


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学, and a lot of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事 (finished story #2, 孟姜女哭长城).


February 10 :snowflake: Home Post

Today I just finished the last 30-ish pages of the third volume of ラストゲーム I had left (though saying “just” feels kinda wild, the me of a few months ago would’ve been absolutely shook :joy:). As much as I’ve been loving 999 and (かぜ)つよ and such, I think I was starting to drown in big projects a bit. Like… I wanna actually finish things sometimes, you know? :joy:

So tomorrow I’m gonna try to finish up the first volume of アゲイン!! and then pick out something new from my shelf of manga! (though realistically I may very well also play 999 or something, I don’t know that I can stop myself lmao)

But yeah I think it’ll be fun! Here’s to more reading :tada:

(I lost track of my words and honestly I don’t think there were that many wild ones in the first place so just take this: 追求(ついきゅう) - pursuit (of a goal))

Ahhh congrats, that’s super exciting!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Kino no tabi is the second novel I’m reading, and so far it is easier than Kimi no na wa. It doesn’t have furigana for all the kanji, so that could be a lot of drawing kanji to find the correct meaning. I’m reading it with a ebookreader for browser and using the extension Yomi-chan, so that makes it a lot easier to look up everything.

As far as the first story I read, the language that is used isn’t really hard to understand. The only trouble I had was when Kino talks with a person and it felt like that person used a lot of words to tell almost nothing at times :joy:

But I think it could be a good first novel!


Today’s reading was 「鵜呑み」の意味とは!類語や言い換え | Meaning-Book which weirdly, despite planning to read the 鵜 entries yesterday, I heard in a show I was watching last night. Great timing, huh?

It means to swallow information whole, without critically thinking about it.


I’m worried because my father believes everything he reads in the tabloids.


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220211 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XLII: 新潟県 :tulip:

Decided to read further on Niigata prefecture because it looked interesting (okay, they all look interesting).

Prefecture Symbol


It symbolises harmony [融ゆう] and hope [希ぼう].

Prefecture Tree


It grows naturally in the snowy mountains and flowers April - May.

Prefecture Flower


Niigata Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of tulip bulb production (in Japan), and supposedly the largest produces of cut flowers.

Prefecture Bird


These guys went extinct in Japan in October 2003 when the last female died :cry:
But, China donated a breeding pair and their numbers have been steadily increasing. They were also thought to be extinct in China too until the 80s. China, Japan and South Korea are trying to keep the species alive with captive breeding and reintroducing them into the wild (and it looks hopeful too!).

One place they’ve been introduced back to is Sado island in Niigata prefecture.

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

沖合「おきあい」ー Off Shore; Out at Sea
(This isn’t a new word, it’s on WaniKani, but the meaning seems to be a bit different. WK lists it only as “Open Sea”, but it looks like it’s closer to “Off Shore” the example sentence on WK even translates it as “Off Shore”… so it’s a new word because I’ve had to relearn it.)
広大「こうだい」ー Vast; Extensive; Grand
穀倉地帯「こくそうちたい」ー Grain producing region; Breadbasket (of a country/region)
融和「ゆうわ」ー Harmony; Reconciliation
ユキツバキ「雪椿」ー Snow Camellia
園芸品種「えんげいひんしゅ」ー Horticultural Varieties; Cultivar
葉脈「ようみゃく」ー Leaf Vein
単色「たんしょく」ー Monochromatic
アブラムシ「油虫」ー Aphid
トキ「鴇 or 朱鷺」ー Japanese crested ibis
トキ科「ときか」ー Threskiornithidae​ (a bird family) (I think the Japanese may be a tad easier to remember)
ヘラサギ ー Spoonbill, specifically the Eurasian Spoonbill
「くちばし」ー Beak; Bill

佐渡島「さどがしま or さどしま」ー Sado Island
粟島「あわしま」ー Awashima Island
越後平野「えちごへいや」ー Echigo Plain


Thank you to everyone for your nice messages! I’ve bought Zoo 2 but haven’t started it yet :slight_smile:

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Yesterday was a big day all around, as right at the end of my session I reached a point in Summer Pockets where it played a rather nice opening video, and I suppose now the game is on for real.

Turns out, there’s a whole map system where I can choose who to go hang out with! I had no idea. There are more characters than this that’ll be selectable I’m sure (also a mystery event at the shrine :eyes:), but these were my choices today. I was tempted to visit the red haired girl because her scenes have been pretty amusing, and I was intrigued by our last talk and the little blurred spoiler I left, but she seems to use the hardest Japanese of anyone in this game, so I think I’ll delay her by a few playthroughs.

That said, when I went to the green haired one, half because I expected useful words… well, today’s reading was dense. ~1600 characters, ~120 lines, bailed out with too many words already mined and generally wanting a break from a stream of sentences with many unknown words. “Neighborhood association”, “public facilities”, “maintenance of public order”… she’s got words! I quit at the following sentence, one of the most kanji dense things my reading materials have had yet, a sentence that almost looks like I’m reading Chinese:


I’m riding the high of accomplishments so no big deal, but I failed at my attempts to scale the difficulty over runs hahaha.

The best new word is undoubtedly 鉄槌 (てっつい), iron hammer or crushing blow.


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February 11 update:
Read chapter 18 of よつばと! today. This may have been the cutest chapter so far, really heartwarming – in a fun Yotsuba-specific way. That’s all I have to say today :yawning_face:


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February 11

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (82% → 84%)


On the one hand I know what you mean. On the other hand, as a german, I feel like I’m a little more used to it.

German is also well known for just stringing words together to form a word with a new meaning. Hand = hand, Schuh = shoe, Handschu = glove. Pretty short example but you get the Idea. If you don’t know the individual words you will have trouble pronouncing it correctly and have trouble understanding it. If you do know the two words it feels like a breeze.

I often feel like long Kanji strings are basically the same.
Understanding your example Kanji string is pretty managable if you know the “3” building blocks (debatable where some of the cutoffs are with kanji) it is made out of: 少年団・治安維持・執行部
And I think parsing it fast and understanding it fast is just a function of how much vocabulary you know, like in german.

So basically I want to say: Don’t worry about it, it will get easier naturally over time. :smiley:

PS.: Will update tomorrow after I finishe the last 2 chapters of Solanin.


That’s the problem; my vocabulary known isn’t very good :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I appreciate it, and I think you’re right. Just if anything is going to be a “harder” part of reading, this is one of them, since the boundaries aren’t as nicely delineated for me and sheer mass of kanji leads to more chances for me to have no idea what some of them are (case in point, I haven’t yet learned 維 or 執). And there are plenty of kanji that I don’t yet know well enough that I read them without some degree of second guessing or having to take a moment to pull them apart and run through my memory… which is definitely all going to get better eventually, as you said! But for now, it becomes a bit of mental overload, the kinda thing that multiplies the brain work and leads to sessions ending sooner.

少年団 was doable for me, but yeah, needed to just have Yomichan tell me what was up with the rest since I don’t even know two of those kanji. Though 執 has come up so much recently it’s bordering on being one I decide to go ahead and learn prior to its WK level…


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February 11
雪の朝 受験生は早めに試験会場へ 東京

Very low spirits day. One article is all that I could do today, hopefully tomorrow is a bit better :slight_smile: .

おめでとう!! :tada: :tada:


Thanks! Its been a bit better the last couple of days, think I’m starting to get more of a hang of the style and also the plot is starting to hook me in a bit more which is the thing that helps most for me I think! Having a variety of things is a good idea though…I should maybe get back to some of the manga I’m reading so I have something easier for those days where かがみ and persona 4 are too tough :thinking:


Day 42

Started Volume 5 of からかい上手の高木さん today, and read the first chapter. It was really sweet. I wasn’t originally planning to read the (元) series, but after how cute this chapter was, I think I probably will!

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This is technically from yesterday, but I was reading at such a terrible hour of the night, I decided to go to bed instead of making a post :sweat_smile:.

A friend of mine linked this short manga (it has 8 pages) on twitter, and I decided to give it a shot for my daily reading because I’m ahead with 大海原と大海原 and don’t currently have a DDT translation I’m working on.

I was surprised to find that it is more or less at my level! The grammar isn’t too hard, and there are only a few kanji I didn’t know. It’s a little bit sad, though, just a warning, because it’s about the lack of marriage equality in Japan.


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Day 42: Today I read 6 pages of よつば&!


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Day 35:

I read just one page of よつばと! today. Simply doing my duty to my future self. :four_leaf_clover::medal_military::four_leaf_clover:

I’ll just award myself a medal for my loyalty and dedication to the cause