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Read only a little today and focused on mining flashcards. I am trying a new style in Anki while I am away and can’t do WK. I think especially with books like re:Zero its a good opportunity to learn more challenging vocab and phrases I don’t see or use as often. I’ve been mostly trying to find things at my level recently and I think it’s time to start doing things above my level and gaining again.


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吾輩は狸である progress: 1.42% :toilet:

Lots of poetic words today.

Along with someone getting the wonderful title of こうせんせい :rofl:

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後架「こうか」ー Toilet
渾名「あだな」ー Nickname (more common as: あだ名)
水彩絵具「すいさいえぐ」ー Watercolours; watercolour paints
述懐「じゅっかい」ー Speaking about your thoughts, memories, reminisces etc.
眼鏡越し「めがねごし」ー Looking over the top of your glasses
露華「ろか」ー The beauty of dew in/on a flower; comparing the beauty of dew and flowers
寒鴉「かんあ」ー Winter crow/raven

甘く = 上手く「うまく」(Skilfully; aptly)
詐り = 偽り「いつわり」(Lie; falsehood)
以太利 = 伊太利「いたりあ」(Italy) (the furigana given here for 以太利 is イタリー rather than イタリア)
禽 = 鳥「とり」(Bird)

ホトトギス aka 正岡 子規 (also 正岡 常規) - the poet Masaoka Shiki (pen name) / Masaoka Noboru (true name)

Shiki is another name for ホトトギス which is a Lesser Cuckoo, this name came about because he compared himself with the cuckoo as he had tuberculosis and would cough up blood. The cuckoo is said to cry and then cough up blood.


ホトトギス is also the name of the literary magazine where 吾輩は狸であるwas first published.


Also, I just realized I have been lazily cutting-and-pasting the book title from your posts several times now without noticing the word substitution :slight_smile:


heh heh heh :raccoon:


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August 10th:

10 pages of 好きっていいなよ. I feel like I maaaaybe understood some more this time around… Reading has been a bit of a struggle lately. It’s like I’m just looking at the kanji and the sentences and hoping some of it will stick. Oh well!!! Things are looking up!! Today I gathered up the nerve to speak to someone about a job opportunity. I don’t know if anything will happen, but doing this felt a lot like advocating for myself. I used to keep my head down, hoping someone would notice how hard I’m working. I’ve realized I need to make people look.

I’m also gonna make myself play Zero Escape this weekend. Feeling excited!!!


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・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (14% → 15%)

Today was a busy day, so just a tiny read. Also too hot :snowman_with_snow: :fire: :arrow_right: :melting_face:


August 10th!

Today I started reading Volume 15 of Yotsuba. It was cute as always, but I’m feeling a little melancholy about having started the final book!
I’m genuinely going to miss reading about Yotsuba’s antics each day. At least I have Flying Witch to look forward to though :slight_smile:

I also spent a while doing some unplanned informal reading, because I fell into a social-media hole after looking up a Japanese guitarist, and ended up reading all of the comments on lots of his photos of his cat :grin:

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Week 7

Chrono Trigger

Just a small read today.


Summary post

This update coming in a little late, but it’s a pretty big one for me! Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling had a show on July 31, featuring the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Princess Cup, and there was a spot in one of the matches that sparked a bunch of annoying twitter discourse that was based in widespread misunderstandings of the stories that TJPW had been telling this year, thanks to the English-speaking fandom no longer having access to reliable translation.

In any case, it pushed me over the edge, and I decided to go public with my translations :sweat_smile:. They’re far from perfect, but they’re so much better than what the fandom has without me, which is Nothing. So I started a twitter account to promote them, and now I have, uh, 60 people following my translation work, which is very scary :see_no_evil:.

I also started a very, very long twitter thread trying to catch people up on some of the TJPW story and character moments they might have missed from earlier in the year. I looked back through all of the TJPW translations I’d done, many of which I’d worked on during these read every day challenges, and I’d done so much more than I realized!

I also discovered that if I buy a digital subscription to the 週刊プロレス mobile site, I can access full transcriptions of the post-match comments, instead of having to rely on the partial transcriptions in the official recaps and the twitter captions on the videos. So I figured out how to sign up for that and got a subscription, and now I can finally translate full promos! It’s weirdly both more and less work. It’s more text to translate, but since it gives me a lot more context, it often makes the meaning of tricky lines easier to understand.

With the full translations and the dedicated twitter account, it feels a lot more like “I’m really doing this for real now, huh?” I’d wanted to do the full translations from the beginning, but in hindsight, it’s probably better that it worked out this way, because I feel like I’d have been too overwhelmed trying to translate all of that text when I first started doing this.

All of that said, here’s my post for the July 31 show. I also read more of 新日本プロレス英語入門, and here’s my post about some of the interesting things I read in the glossary (lots of bad words in there :sweat_smile:).

And finally, topping this off with a photo from the show. Here are rookies Moka Miyamoto and Juria Nagano (who both have a karate background) executing some nice teamwork against Maki Itoh:

I haven’t missed a day of reading yet, with either Spanish or Japanese :blush:.


It sounds like I should read these!

As an emergency doc, I’d say surgeons can be over-rated, unless you need someone with a scalpel! :face_with_head_bandage:


Feeling pretty burned out at the moment (talked about it in the listening thread so won’t delve into it again) but trying to keep consistency if nothing else so I read a few pages of 異世界の名探偵. It’s kind of lost my interest, but I’m not sure if that’s because the writing style isn’t really my thing (light novels don’t click much with me) or just a symptom of the aforementioned burn.

In any case, I can check the box and said I did read something today. :heavy_check_mark:


August 10 :blossom: Home Post

Yay productive reading day! :tada: First I read some club stuff; I played this week’s section of ルーパーズ, and boy are things wild! Then I read a chapter of 海辺のカフカ which really wasn’t less wild :joy: That ended up being 23 pages in about an hour and a half so pretty good! Then of course I played some more バディミッションBOND; I finished up the side stories I had so next time it’ll be back to main plot :eyes: Very afraid haha. All in all a good day!

Oh that’s awesome, congrats!! That can be a really big hurdle, definitely something to be proud of :grin:

Woah that’s super cool! You’re out here having a genuine impact on people’s experiences and changing them for the better, that’s a wonderful thing :blush: especially with something you’re passionate about!


:spiral_calendar: Day 41: August 10th :wind_chime: :butterfly:

spacer:ribbon: ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 6 (39% ➨ 58%)

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 4 (0% ➨ 18%)


Yeah, it’s kind of a strange feeling because I’ve never really had a public twitter account before, so being out there where the wrestlers themselves can, like, see my translations of their stuff and interact with it, it’s an odd experience! :sweat_smile:

What’s kind of funny is that when I started that thread explaining TJPW story stuff from the past year, the first person who liked it was actually a Japanese fan. So I guess the Japanese fans are frustrated with western fans misinterpreting everything, too, haha!

In any case, it also provides the occasional opportunity for me to practice production as well, which is handy. Who knows, I might even meet some Japanese-speaking fans and make some friends :blush:.



Yesterday I got the Re:collection cover series, and today I ripped two of the CDs onto my laptop and copied down the lyrics, so that counts as reading. I actually had more trouble with some of the names than most of the lyrics lmao. At least I can easily look up the readings on JP Wikipedia.

Man, and even just a year ago, when copying down lyrics, I had to switch between kanji+kana and romaji lyrics or else draw stuff into Google Translate to get the readings for a bunch of stuff, and now it’s only a few things (if even!). I used to generally only understand a bit here and there, too, but now I can understand the gist if not more of most of them. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve made a lot of progress already. Now, if we’re talking about learning the songs, though, I still need the romaji lyrics beneath each line at first for all but the slowest songs because my reading speed’s not up to par, but just copying them down or reading them at leisure, I don’t.

And actually I thought I’d started reading in mid-August last year, but apparently it was the 6th! So it’s already been a full year!

Also, today, while getting distracted and deciding to poke around on the JP Wikipedia page for 2.43, I learned that a couple more seiyuu who acted in it than I realized covered songs for Re:collection. Kajiwara Gakuto, who voiced Uchimura, as well as Ookawa Genki, who voiced Kouhei. I feel like I shoulda recognized their names, but I didn’t…

Book-wise, today I finished 恋ではないと思いたい, which was really good, and then read 月刊少女野崎くん①. I didn’t realize the BL doujin chapter was in this volume. That one’s so great, although I think I liked it better in the anime. It parallels what sensei did with Mikorin and Mayu better in the anime too lol. Ah, I hope I can get more volumes soon…

Why is it that the last two manga I read had pretty much no furigana aside from names but I didn’t have to look much up, but GSNK has full furigana but I had to look up a bunch of words.

Some vocab of note:

空前絶後 (くうぜんぜつご) [四字熟語, noun, の-adj.] (so marvelous or horrible that it may be) the first and probably the last
躓く (つまずく or つまづく) [自カ五] to trip (over); to stumble
降り頻る (ふりしきる) [自ラ五] to fall incessantly (rain, snow, etc.); to downpour
引っ込み思案 (ひっこみじあん) [noun, な-adj., の-adj.] reserved; introverted; reticent; shy; withdrawn
学部 (がくぶ) [noun] department of a university. When used as a prenominal, it also means “undergraduate.”
油を売る (あぶらをうる) [expression, ラ五] to loaf (particularly on the job); to idle one’s time away; to dawdle
オブラートに包む (オブラートにつつむ) [expression, マ五] to say in a roundabout way (so as not to upset); to cushion the blow. Literally, “to wrap in wafer paper.”
嵩 (かさ) [noun] bulk; volume; quantity
恋敵 (こいがたき) [noun] one’s rival in love
百歩譲って (ひゃっぽゆずって) [expression] for the sake of argument; even if that were true
発破をかける (ハッパをかける) [expression, 一] to start a fire under someone; to motivate someone with rough words
惚気 (のろけ) [noun] speaking fondly about one’s sweetheart; going one about one’s love affairs
創刊号 (そうかんごう) [noun] first issue (of a magazine)
じわじわくる [expression, くる verb, colloquialism] to begin to like something (one did not initially like); to gradually become enamored with something; to have something grow on one
他意 (たい) [noun] other intention; hidden purpose; ulterior motive; ill will; malice
反面教師 (はんめんきょうし) [四字熟語, noun] bad example from which one can learn; good example of what not to do (esp. how not to behave)
KY (ケイワイ) [noun, な-adj., slang] unable to read the situation; unable to pick up on the mood; person who is unable to read the room. An abbreviation of 空気が読めない.
いかがわしい [い-adj.] suspicious; dubious; unreliable. indecent; unseemly.

More like, a lot of vocab lol I came across a lot of stuff I found interesting today


I guess it depends on whom hospital director wants to hire / availability of the positions; what are they willing to do; and how many shifts, especially outside regular time (where there might be limited number of doctors depending on the hospital size). I am not exactly sure about job description and training.

Aug 11, Thu of Week 7 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Finished ブラックジャックによろしく Ch.4 (70%). Recent chapters were about life-death boundary, values and money/costs. Medical products are still riddled with trade names.

I mostly can manage this manga, but reading a package insert of a medical product (from googling more) can be a big deal.

The following chapter sounds interesting. Along the lines of concerning internal meds and pharmacists as well, and I am closer to internists

Actually, I am in a smaller hospital where outside regular time, I am the only doctor in the hospital. Most problematic would be emergency room, where I don’t trust nurses enough. Labor room can be a problem too, but I trust nurses more. (Wards do have some problem, but mostly secondary.) Career-wise, I am shifting towards family medicine, where mostly no emergency, and clients are mostly elderly or having chronic diseases. (Children tend to go to specialized clinics / pediatricians.)

I didn’t really get back into listening yet, although I watched an anime minimally this morning.


On vacation at the moment. I’m a devote Christian so I tried to read my scriptures in Japanese. Man does reading a book that you know like the back of your hand in your native tongue make it easier to understand the foreign! You should all try it, not necessarily with scriptures, but with a book you’ve read 30+ times.


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August 11th:

22 pages of 好きっていいなよ! I really prefer morning reads - it’s so much easier to concentrate, and getting it over with early is nice when the rest of the day will be busy. I thiiink I might have enough energy to tackle some lessons on Wanikani again, too. I’ve been battling my leeches ever since the move started. Seeing the same words and kanji again and again is driving me up the wall :melting_face: My brain needs new material, which I think is a good sign

Thank you!! It felt scary, but while we were talking I realized it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe I’ll be less nervous next time, hehe

This is great! I think it’s really impressive that you’ve found something you enjoy, and that you can both share it with others & practice your Japanese at the same time. I admire passion projects like this so much. Good luck with the public translations!!