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Another productive day!
I usually manage to read about 3% of ビブリア daily, but things got interesting towards the end of the chapter so I did a little nyoom to finish it (24% → 29%). So that’s 1 chapter down, 3 to go. (Spoilers for ビブリア chapter 1) I wasn’t expecting the first chapter so have such life-changing effects for the protagonist but it made it all the more enjoyable. I’m wondering if anything will come out of this. But with his grandma having already passed away it’s a bit late now… pretty sad. Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.

I finally read this week’s ルーパーズ chapter which was… a trip. But a short one so I’m really curious where this is going.

I also read another 3 chapters of 青のフラッグ, which is a nice pace. I absolutely loved some of the between-chapters drawings (the animals are supposed to represent the character’s personalities):

Cute drawings


And finally I played バリバリ for about an hour. The end of this section of the game is proving to be very long.

Pretty good for one day but I definitely could never manage this much if I wasn’t on vacation.


Hi everyone! I’m back (sort of).

First of all, thanks for all the kind get-well wishes! It turned out to be Covid. I had avoided it for so long, but it seems there’s no escaping it in the long run. I seem to be mostly over it now, but still not exactly back to normal. The symptoms weren’t too bad, but the exhaustion! I don’t think I have ever felt so exhausted in my life, having done nothing but sleep. Reading anything, even in my native language, sent me to sleep after a sentence or so - Japanese was definitely out of of the question. Nevertheless, I did manage to read the prologue and a page or two of chapter one from 十角館の殺人, in tiny increments. Now that I’m feeling somewhat better I need to see how I can catch up with all the responsibilities I have neglected, reading included…

It pains me that I can’t read your spoilers, because I definitely want to read it now - your enthusiasm is catching. It’s very expensive compared to what I usually buy though (because it’s new, I guess), so it may have to wait. Maybe if I read the spoilers now I’ll have forgotten them by the time I get to read it? No? Sure?

I’m so sorry you feel that way. I hope it passes soon. Take a break if you need it - it may make all the difference.

Congratulations! That’s huge! You found a niche that you’re extremely interested in, and you’re filling a gap for many other people who share the same interest but not your skills. It’s really awesome to not only be able to put your Japanese to such immediate practical use, but also to help other people through it! :smiley:


Welcome back :blush: Good to hear that things are improving for you.

Yeah, I also think that’s what it boils down to in the long run. I’m really happy that the current variants are not quite as horrible as the initial ones were. Let’s see what the future brings though…

BookWalker currently has a massive coin discount campaign going on, so maybe you can get it cheaper that way? (If it’s included, which I did not check - but e.g. 十角館の殺人 currently has a coin cashback of 70% iirc because it’s in two discount campaigns at the same time.)



Oh my, nearly all of my list is eligible… There goes my day… Don’t mind me, I’ll just be choosing which books to spend all my money on…


Sunday was a great reading day as I was travelling - I read all of chapter 1 of 夜カフェ volume 2 in the morning.

Since then I’ve not been doing well with my reading - busy at work and exhausted so mostly just reading a few pages of シャドーハウス to keep the momentum going. Today I’ve properly read 1 page of Tugumi but am hitting a wall already.

Yeah, I was being a bit flippant - feel free to ignore my joking comment! I think in many countries surgeons perform emergency roles and transfers etc., whereas in other countries, they can tend to focus on whether they get to operate or not!


This is so great! Congratulations. I’m a big believer in working hard on whatever you care about in part because it’s fun and in part because someday it might be of value to someone else. It looks like that’s happened for you, and I’m so glad you’ve found an audience! I also just love it when people are really really into something, whether it’s wrestling or whatever else. You’re inspiring!


So glad you’re feeling better. I have also avoided covid so far, and I am dreading the day it catches up with me (got my second booster last week and the nurse asked if I’d already had covid; when I said no he said, “Well, we don’t see many of you!”) Hope you’re fully recovered in no time.


I always try to read in the mornings when I can; when I have to leave it until later in the day I find myself pushing through and wishing for it to be done. I am prepping for back to school and have just put Bunpro on vacation mode, but I’m really hoping to keep up my morning routine of a bit of Wanikani and a bit of reading…I’m only on level 9 in WK but the leeches are swarming, and I really don’t want to lose momentum; reading really seems to help.


Not sure why, but today I was really craving Persona. So I got the sample of Persona Q’s manga off amazon, then when I got home played Persona 4, and then played P3P on my PSP and realized my level whatever Persona is. So far I have 100% comprehension of what’s in them. It was really reinvigorating. I’m still gonna stick with reading Re:Zero for new vocab, but I am entering a Persona ブーム apparently.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220811 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 1.80% :art:

Wagahai-cat is really laying into master’s artistic abilities today :joy_cat:

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


有様「ありさま」ー State; condition; circumstances
失笑「しっしょう」ー Laughing at an inappropriate moment; not being able to hold back your laughter
揶揄「やゆ」ー Banter; ridicule; teasing
上乗「じょうじょう」ー The very best; excellent (also seen as 上々 / 上上)
波斯「ぺるしゃ」ー Persia (both the historic region and the cat breed)
斑入り「ふいり」ー Spotted; variegated
罵る「ののしる」ー To verbally abuse; to curse at; to shout at
窘める「たしなめる」ー To rebuke; to chide


Read Chapter 11 of よつば&! today. I love how every episode has little callbacks to earlier episodes; it feels like I’m reading a long multi-volume novel rather than a series of vignettes. Can’t overstate how much I love these books.


Arrived today: almost full set of よつば&! + bonus ふしぎねこのきゅーちゃん! I am well stocked for future challenges.


Home post :bookmark: Aug 11th :beach_umbrella:

・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (15% → 19%)

Not much to say. Honzuki is fun! I wanted to read more when I reached the end of a chapter, but no can do, as my time management and sleep schedule tend to go nyoom off the rails, so that’s what I need to ganbaru on now. Must not be careless and cut the oil when it comes to these important aspects of busy student life, haha xp

I didn’t know this existed in book form! :sob: Big want! :durtle_love:


It was a recommendation from @lucylavelle ages ago when I was asking for books a step up from よつばと; it was available on Canadian Amazon so I added it to an order. It is VERY CUTE; I’m looking forward to it.


August 11th!

Chapter 99 of Yotsuba today!

Chapter 99 comments

In this chapter, Yotsuba uses a blender to make juice for the first time, and pulls the most relatable face - It doesn’t matter how many times I use a blender, I’m shocked by how loud it is every single time :laughing:

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Week 7

Final Fantasy XIV

Well, here we go again. Counted today cause I honestly didn’t want to do anything else, I’ve been messing around checking everything in Japanese again after a while, though to be fair I’ve been doing so for the past couple of weeks.

Today though I’ve been seriously thinking about making an alt and going through everything again but in Japanese this time, so I would count it as study time. I’m just not sure yet if I’ll make it on my region or if I’ll make it on a Japanese data centre. This second option sounds appealing because while I would have some lag, lag in this game in particular is very forgiving if you anticipate. It’s “perfectly” playable at around 200ms which is what I have to one of the Japanese data centres (though some classes can be hard to play properly). And if I make an alt there then I can practice production with actual Japanese people, and I feel like that would be a great opportunity. On the other hand, I would love my alt to be on my data centre which is, well, where I have had everything for a very long time already, but no Japanese people to talk to.

I’m much more prepared than last time though, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as overwhelming as it was back then. Possibly. Hopefully.



I ripped the last of the Re:collection CDs and copied down the lyrics. Y’know, I don’t think I noticed before the past couple days just how many J-Pop songs mention tears and/or crying. Or maybe it’s just these popular ones that got picked to be covered make it seem so… But a full 20/30 have at least one mention of tears/crying. I didn’t count, but close behind is (especially chance) meetings, and then looking up at the sky/sun/stars. Then I think protecting and/or getting stronger. (Either that, or the other way around.) Well, most of them are love songs.

I finally got around to picking up 竜のかわいい七つの子 again, and I read story 6, 子がかわいいと竜が鳴く (possibly unsurprisingly, considering the book’s title, the 描き下ろし), and story 7, 犬谷家の人々, finishing the volume! They were both good, though 6 was more my speed, setting-wise. And I keep misreading 鱗 as 隣 and having to backtrack lol. At least now when I realize my mistake, I recognize it as “scale” and can get to うろこ by thinking about the scale armour in DQ for a mo without having to look it up. I’m a bit saddened by the twist in the story, though not exactly disappointed, since it seems Yoh will be able to find happiness again, just not where I was expecting.


Prince Shun came to the village Yoh lives in looking for someone to guide him through the mountains to find a dragon scale to cure his father’s illness. Yoh lost her husband and son years ago, and Shun too lost his mother, and at the beginning of their journey, I’d thought they would come to love each other as mother and son. But, we learn that Yoh’s son was made an example of and killed for refusing a call to arms or something from the king, and since the prince arrived at the village, she’d been planning to assassinate him to exact her revenge on the king.

After they arrive at the mountainside where the dragon’s made her nest, Yoh watches Shun futilely try to shoot the dragon down to get a scale, wondering just when she should kill him, and follows him up into the cave the dragon uses as a nest. He plans to use the dragon’s egg as a shield and lure her close enough to get a scale, and Yoh tries to stop him because she can’t abide a child being put in danger, and in so doing, the egg gets accidentally knocked out of the nest and falls to the ground far below, and the dragon flies off, sticking around pointless now that she’s got nothing to protect.

Yoh decides to leave the prince there to die alone while thinking of how he’s disappointed his father. (The straggling guards she hadn’t killed on the journey catch up to him after she leaves, though, and one of them finds a shed scale in the nest, so the king will be saved after all.) Yoh approaches the cracked egg, intending to perform a memorial service for it, but it turns out the child survived, and they break free of the shell and imprint on her as if she were their mother. She decides to look after them for the time being, until she can find others of their kind for them to live with.

7 is a supernatural comedy, where each member of the Inutani family is an esper with a different psychic power, and they keep them hidden due to psychic abilities being rare in this world. Which is made more difficult when the father brings home a 大学生探偵 who’s stranded because of the storm! And just when I was thinking the detective kinda reminded me of Kindaichi, I actually get to his introduction and learn his name’s Doudaichi (銅田一 rather than 金田一 lol). Things, of course, go drastically wrong, and he thinks he’s landed himself in the middle of a serial murder case. Things continue to escalate, and they end up resolving it by knocking him out and the youngest daughter using her “useless” ability of instantaneously changing someone into their pajamas to make him think he’d just dreamed it all lmao

I got the 朗読CD for 明日をくれた君に、光のラブレターを when I got Re:collection, because while Amazon only has it on Audible because they’re d***s, other sites have it on CD! Anyway, it’s an abridged version, so I don’t quite know how that works yet, aside from that I won’t be able to read along while I listen (at least not to the whole thing), so I decided I’m gonna finish the book before listening to it, and I got some more read today, reading 8 pages and finishing ch 1, leaving off on pg 62!


So recently in her jealousy, Midzuki has come to somewhat start to dislike Ritsu, which she doesn’t really like because Ritsu’s her best friend and is very important to her. With encouragement from Satou-kun, she’s able to address a little bit of it, and she learns something that she hadn’t known about Ritsu: part of why she came to like Kaito is that Midzuki is friends with him—since she’s friends with him, he must be a good guy. With Sugiura (who started this recent uptick in jealousy), she only likes his face, and that’s it. Midzuki doesn’t think her complex or jealousy will really be going away any just yet, but she’s glad she asked Ritsu why she likes Kaito and learned that about her.

She also asked Satou, since he won’t tell her who he is, if she can try to find him herself, and she unexpectedly gets permission! He’s certain she won’t find him, though, which of course only makes her more determined lol

Well, I may end up changing my mind about waiting to listen to it. I do love Enojun’s voice, and lord knows I have a tendency to change plans like the wind lmao

Some vocab of note:

カッコつける [一] to affect a stylish air; to try to look good; to show off
攪乱 (かくらん or こうらん) [noun, する verb (他)] confusion; perturbation; disturbance; commotion; turbulence
気が立つ (きがたつ) [expression, タ五] to be wrought up; to be on edge; to get irritated; to get excited (about); to be unsettled
暁 (あかつき) [noun] event (e.g. “in the event of…”); occasion; occurrence. Usually as ~(の)暁に.
刺青 (いれずみ) [noun, する verb] tattoo (esp. a traditional Japanese one); tattooing. This is the 義訓, from 入れ墨.
見せしめ [noun] (making a) lesson (of); (setting an) example; warning
しょっちゅう [adv.] always; all the time; constantly; frequently; often
盆栽 (ぼんさい) My first time seeing “bonsai” in kanji!
関の山 (せきのやま) [expression, noun] the best one can expect; the most one can do
一か八か (いちかばちか) [expression, の-adj.] sink or swim; all or nothing; hit or miss; make or break


Read ~7 pages more of 十角館の殺人. It’s definitely at cruising altitude now for difficulty, although personally I’d bump it a bit up from 30 just for the vocab stretch in addition to not being written ‘simply’. It will be interesting to see how it changes once it has ratings from across the book club.

It’s getting interesting but I’m just not in much of a mood for reading anything today, so I’ll be leaving it at that. I have 23 pages left in the reading and over a week to complete it so not worried.


August 11 :blossom: Home Post

Played more バディミッションBOND today, and… ahhhh??? :joy: I’m getting close to the end now and I can definitely feel it, things are off the rails and my feelings are everywhere lmao, but it’s a great time! I did two whole main story sections though I think they were on the shorter side, but they sure weren’t lacking in content :eyes:

BOND is ruining me (for real spoilers in the blurred parts)

Like… every time I think I finally know what’s happening, and every time something even wilder gets thrown at me :joy: So… the code wasn’t in ルーク’s head. Or well kind of? It’s not in the person we know as ルーク’s head :joy: So the main scientist dude’s son was named ルーク, and the code is in his head, and he has immunity to the mind control stuff, but it’s not our ルーク… it’s アーロン. ファントム tried to threaten the code out of ルーク’s memories by mind controlling アーロン and setting his room on fire (way to use past trauma ouch), but アーロン wasn’t affected… because he’s actually ルーク. :flushed: Which is wild already, but it’s all even more tragic than I could’ve imagined! So they knew each other as kids at the lab which I suspected, but アーロン was ルーク and ルーク went by ヒーロー which… yeah. But look how cute they were!!

アーロン was such a soft quiet boy :cry: Anyway they were friends, and then the explosion happened and ルーク/ヒーロー got badly injured but the country was still super messed up from war so no hospitals would take him, so アーロン/ルーク took him to the リカルド embassy to get help, ang here’s where it gets really ouchies. ハスマリ, the country the lab was in, was super war-torn and dangerous, but アーロン/ルーク and his dad were just there doing research and were going to go back to リカルド where they were from since things were getting bad. But アーロン/ルーク… he took ルーク/ヒーロー to the embassy and told them he was from リカルド, that he was ルーク, son of the scientist there doing research, and that they should take him back to リカルド, and in doing so left himself all alone in ハスマリ with no way of getting out, just forced to starve on the street, and that’s just a lot?? I have a lot of feelings about it and so does ルーク (man I don’t know how to refer to them anymore :joy:):

These last couple sections were generally really rough, especially for ルーク :sweat_smile: his “dad” turned out to be evil and repeatedly threatened and manipulated him into giving the code, and when he found out ルーク didn’t have it he said he was totally worthless and threw him down a garbage chute :sob: There was a whole like dream sequence with his spirits totally crushed and him not even remembering who he or anyone else is, and all the UI got really dark and wonky too, like with ルーク’s name being blurred out up there, and the hero gauge all cracked and colorless:

But in that sequence he met with each of the other members of team BOND and for each of them had to pick out from a set of silhouettes which was the right one based on the description, and it was all tied to like character development and how far they’ve come and just :') that part was really sweet actually. But yeah a lot of it was really dark, like this flashback of ルーク’s dad hypnotizing him every night to get the code:

バディミッションBOND doesn’t mess around! That got really long and blurred out whoops, but so much went down I just had to throw it somewhere :joy: It’s too late in the game for non-plot-relevant goofs rip

Omg an absolute classic :joy:

Oof that’s rough, I’m glad you’re doing better! Sending well-wishes :grin:


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

August 12th:

24 pages of 好きっていいなよ this morning. Mei went on her first date with Yamato. This manga is too cute… Getting my reading done early again because there’s a special event at work this week. It’s the one week where I actually have to do a late shift. Thankfully I’m off tomorrow so I can sleep in and watch the Genshin Impact special program :upside_down_face: