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Re Zero Volume 7 Week 2

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Start Date: July 6, 2020
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Week 2 Reading: Till end of chapter 3 part 3

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I keep forgetting to ask, but when Subaru saw the black 地竜 he said something like “oh, you’re the one from before” or something like that, right? (It’s already fuzzy in my memory). When did we see it before? In a previous loop? I can’t remember it for the life of me…


Yeah that was right at the start of volume 4, when Subaru and Emilia got back from the village and saw Felis and Wilhelm for the first time in front of Roswaal’s mansion. The 地竜 that was driving the carriage was this one.


Oh, wow, that was a while ago. No surprise I forgot already :sweat_smile:


I did not even realised it. I was sure he just had a good hunch. I’m surprised he did not get bitten since he is smelling the witch. Maybe not at that moment but it seems like there is always a kind of witch smell coming from Subaru at all times. But the 地竜 is not a magic beast.


It seems they sense danger rather than that smell specifically. But, yes, he “smells” all the time, and it keeps getting worse every time he “comes back” (although it might get better over time after that, but that wasn’t established as far as I remember).

フェリス said that that 地竜 has a temper so that would be a much likelier reason to get bitten.

Different topic but am I the only one who expected something to be different and the 白鯨 to not show up as planned?


What’s interesting is he says something to the effect of “this kind is known for their high pride and haughtiness”.

I did. That would have hurt more than physical pain hah.


Sounds pretty much like 傲慢 :stuck_out_tongue: good match indeed.


next week is up