Re Zero Volume 7 Week 4

Re Zero Volume 7 Week 4

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Start Date: July 20, 2020
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Week 4 Reading: Till end of chapter 4

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Time: Saturday 7 PM(Japan), 5AM(USA), 12PM Europe.(could change if needed)

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You’re not done with chapter 3 yet either, @Naphthalene?


Nuh. I’ve had not much time for reading this past week, so I had to chose my battles.


I just want to be sure of a sentence in this week reading.

Does that っ放し thing mean to let go?
負けっ放し = to let myself be defeated
折れっ放し= to let myself be broken
投げ出しっ放し to let throw away(I know it is Grammarly incorrect but you get the point right?)

He is basically saying that he can’t let allow himself to be defeated, broken, or just throw it away. Even if he is powerless he can’t accept it.

On another note

The battle scenes are from time to time hard to understand. Especially when Wilhelm just the whale. I know he his jumping on the whale and cutting it but the how and where is kinda hard to grasp. Is he running while slashing bit by bit or did was he running while the sword was still cutting the whale?(small wound against big one and where) I rewatch the anime to get some part. I like that at least in the light novel, compared to the anime, there is no flashback during the fight. In the anime, the flashback just cut the action in the middle. I must say that this week reading, as someone said, ends on a huge cliff hanger. Good job @mrahhal I knew I could count on you to keep the hype for the next week.


It’s more of a “while I’m still x” here.

I did like that in the anime! They executed it very very well with how the cuts interleaved in without very much getting in the way of the battle.

I tried my best :relieved:


not sure I got what you meant by that. so…
負けっ放し = while I’m still losing?

I feel trying to convert things to natural English will always mess up some nuance :sweat:
In not so natural English: “while I’m still in the losing-state” I think is closer?

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@icefang97 next week please :slight_smile:


I’m glad Subaru worked out that the whale had only divided itself into weaker versions and that killing the original would kill it. He was smart to use the limited info that he had to deduce that.

Now let’s see how he convinces the group to go get the witch cult! :sweat_smile:


Having played lots of games did help him this time, fortunately.


What do you mean it’s already up

it’s not like I just posted it now or something