Re Zero Volume 7 week 1

Re Zero Volume 7 Week 1

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Start Date: June 29, 2020
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Week 1 Reading: Till end of chapter 2 part 1

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Time: Saturday 7 PM(Japan), 5AM(USA), 12PM Europe.(could change if needed)

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Just out of curiosity, how far does season 1 of the anime cover? I need to know when to stop following these threads to avoid spoilers. (season 2 starting soon might mean I’m never gonna be behind on the plot, but still would be nice to know)


If I remember what @mrahhal said mid-book 9. I hope I’m not wrong because I asked him twice that question. :rofl: Would be sad to not remember it.


So I should be fine for a while :grin: I really need to catch up somehow, maybe if I do a 1 chapter / day Sparta regimen for a few weeks, but it’s hard to stick to something like that.


Yeah I’m sure it was somewhere in vol 9. I also asked about that at one point. I wonder when he’ll get tired of us asking all these same questions over and over and…

Meanwhile I’m trying to catch up with the anime, haha. I did watch the first vol I think, up to where Subaru falls unconscious. ロスワール屋敷 up next!


@icefang97 You remembered!

A portion of my daily work involves answering repetitive questions so you’re fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh finally, cool! I almost lost hope :stuck_out_tongue:

頑張れ! Season 2 is expected to cover volumes 10, 11, 12 (for its 1st cour this next season, 2nd cour 13, 14, 15). So I think you’ll always be ahead in terms of story if you watch the anime.

Ahh but, arc 3 was heavily collapsed in the anime. There’ll be some surprising things for even the anime watcher. Something to keep in mind.



I mean it’s normal I rememeber what you are saying.


What I’ve been doing so far is to go by the amount of pages and have as a minimum goal to just read like 10 pages per day so I’m at least not falling more behind (and also very slowly catching up) no matter what, but then I can also obviously read more if I feel like it after those pages. So far that has been the case on most days :slight_smile: A lot more on quite a few days, it turns out to be much easier to keep going after having started already


I’m doing the exact same thing. Except for me It’s 6 pages a day minimum but I always read 10-11 anyway.



I may even finish season one this year, who knows?!

Jokes aside, my goal is do ‘watch along’ with the series, so I’ve got a couple volumes’s time. At the same time, since I can’t finish it yet anyway (unless I wanted to spoiler myself, which I don’t), the motivation to watch a lot at once is pretty non existent.


Chapter 1 had my favorite sentence in the whole series so far!


Had this happened in volume 1 I might have cried.

Also @icefang97 new week plz~ :slight_smile:


next week is up


I was busy so I forgot to comment but I wanted to confirm something. For the negotiation part.

-Krush won the right of the mining in Roswald magic crystal mine(for 4 years?) and the information on the white whale.
-Subaru won an alliance with Krush and the support of the merchant for the negotiation.
-The merchant( Rasel el Fellow?) won the cellphone.
-Anastasia won no more white whale?

Just wanted to make sure the result of the negotiation. I don’t see any mention of Betelgeuse in it. Like is Subaru gonna be “We have an alliance now so you need to defend me, by the way, the witch cult is here” or something or was that part cut to focus more on the whale and after we are gonna have a flashback?

Subaru have become the next Sherlock Holmes in a few hours. That seems to me like a level up to level 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry for the late comment

I’m actually late reading this part (only read the beginning up to the point where Anastasia shows up), but I plan to get to it tonight, so I still voted “reading along” in the week 2 poll. :upside_down_face:
So I can’t answer your questions, but

Well, the cult is going to appear very near to the white whale, so the “no more white whale” part is very clever, since it brings a bunch of fighters in that general vicinity while avoiding the hard question “how do you know that they are going to attack?”. Also, saying “oh, by the way, my group is going to be attacked by the cultists, I hope you don’t mind making an alliance”? Doesn’t sound like a strong bargaining position.


I remember a scene in a anime when someone asked an alliance in case of war then the character accepted not knowing they where going to go to war. Surprise !!!

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Yeah Anastasia (And Russel Fellow) won the no more white whale as it was harming the trade routes the most, so it was really harming her company the most.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t bring it up as the focus is on the white whale right now (but yeah, maybe he should have brought it up anyway?). There’s no way Crusch can help with the white whale coming, even with the alliance formed. Defeating it fast enough to be able to intercept the witch cult right after may sound crazy, but as we know now, Crusch is already prepared for it (it seems it has something to do with Wilhelm).

Not really. Rem managed to lay all the groundwork before this point, everything Subaru talked about here except the addition of the white whale was thought out by Roswaal himself (there were hints about that before when Rem said she was ordered to remain here by Roswaal).


Oh! I was sure that Subaru had figured it all out. I was sure he talk to marchands then put the pieces together. Seem like he is still level 1 + a buff in courage(recklessness)