Re Zero Volume 6 week 2

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 2

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Start Date: Mai 18, 2020
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Week 2 Reading: Till end of chapter 2

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This week reading was kinda depressing except from the Priscilia’s kick


Without any surprise no one wants to help Subaru. I hope he will develop his negotiation skill after that. Anastesia was nice enough to give him advice. I really like it when she claps her hands hand everyone in the shop followed her. That is my dream someday. Just randomly snap my finger than everyone just follow me out of the blue and watch the reaction on everyone’s face.

Mimi was really cute even though she did not speak like Felis. Seems like it was more a joke than actual way of speaking.(Which was to be expected)
I some part of the anime to help with understanding and in that scene, everyone in the background have the same cloths which was a nice foreshadowing. I do not think they mention it in the book. I would have probably be too obvious if it was mention in the book.

For Priscilla, well Aru was right. Her mood change really fast. I found funny the part where she only employs young butler because she can’t support her servant be more pretty than her.

I did not get the part when Subaru arrives and Aru talk about hunting. He needed to go hunt but then escorted Subaru instead I guess.

Just before section 4 of chapter 3 Aru whistle to Subaru. I did not get the next sentence and why Aru apologize. Is it because Subaru can’t do it and he is sad for him?
SE= ???
寒い= cold
when doing SE whistle with your mouth it can also seem cold?



I haven’t started this week, but that’s really not what I want to hear… :dizzy_face:

I think I also to forgot to comment about last week (well, anyway, it was just about appreciating the mentions of 傲慢 and 怠惰)


Maybe I should have blurred that word then let me correct myself.

Is it better?




Too late, but yes :sweat_smile:


Better late than never I guess


Nah, I’m just reading on Sundays on purpose, so that I can shamelessly keep reading if need be. (Also I read 2.5 other books this week, so there’s that too :p)


I really like that since it puts you in the position of Subaru and what he’s noticing or not.


I don’t think that’s implicative of anything, Al was just being his usual 気楽 guy. Al was telling Subaru that if he’s inviting him to some hunt it’ll be hard since he’s weak in the morning or something like that. Just a passing joke.

I did not get the next sentence and why Aru apologize. Is it because Subaru can’t do it and he is sad for him?

I can’t figure out what SE is, but it’s Subaru who apologized after Al told him he can’t whistle because his lips aren’t fine (probably another injury in his mouth preventing him from properly whistling).


@mrahhal already wrote about why Aru can’t whistle - just thought I’d mention that 寒い is also used to indicate a lame joke, or just a corny situation/atmosphere in general. I think that’s the usage here, and not that it’s particularly cold temperature wise.

@mrahhal; during the read aloud we kind of agreed that SE probably meant sound effect.


Ohhh yes of course! I could only think of Software Engineering :joy:


next week is up