Re Zero Volume 6 week 1

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 1

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Start Date: Mai 11, 2020
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Week 1 Reading: Till end of chapter 2 part 2

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I want to start by saying I really like the cover picture of this one.


For chapter 1 part 2,
I did not understand the meaning behind that sentence.
I looked but it doesn’ t seem to be an expression.
I think the general meaning means he has hatred in his eyes. The way of saying it is poetic. 修羅 is nesting in your eye. 修羅 is a demi-god that killed god or can mean carnage.

I’m impressed that everyone can see Subaru’s emotion in his eyes. Anger, madness, and truth.

I liked it when Subaru realized he a spoon in his hand and was about to stab someone with it. I really like it when, we the reader, have like Subaru, the same kind of realization about something that would have been obvious as a third party. The spoon, for example, we only realize what happens as Subaru realizes it so we can also feel like we are the character in a way. Instead of reading “Subaru took the spoon without realizing it and was getting closer to Krush” I prefer my reaction of “wait since when does the spoon was there?” Then you reread a little before and start to understand some things better.

Edit: I found the word 筒袴 but can’t find out where it was. I believe it was at the beginning of the book. Does anyone know what it could mean?


Seems to be a weird ateji for ズボン, “pants”.


Thanks. Pants was indead too simple to be used ha ha


Next week is up


Since I loved this chapter and this week’s thread is poor:


Really love the chapter, and クルシュ’s rationale in all of it. Just because enough misery has come upon Subaru from the last volume, things won’t easily swerve in his favor. クルシュ had no reason to trust what he was saying nor lend out a hand. She obviously changes stances and becomes really strict when things enter official negotiation, and this is a thing I like. She’s not easily moved by emotions and knows what big effect a small action from someone of her position can cause. Subaru doesn’t know the difference, trying to shame her with “You’ll willingly let people die?”, to which Crusch didn’t bat an eye. A true grown up despite her young age.

But at least, Subaru’s fully aware of his powerlessness (before: “I can make everything work out if I have a chance”), and now trying to enlist help from others. Ah but he’s just… not fit for this.

That’s to say, the future is still looking grim.


I loved this chapter too! :smiley:

I much prefer this hard headed running against walls to volume 4’s consequence-less obstinacy. You obviously know what’s coming, but I fully expect him to learn very little of value this loop around (no way is this the final one - though that would be beautiful in a way, I don’t believe they’re going to be able to prevent ppl (and themselves) dying like this) and still enough to gain a bit more from these specific negotiations next time round.