Re Zero Volume 6 week 4

Re Zero Volume 6 Week 4

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Start Date: June 1, 2020
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Week 4 Reading: Till end of chapter 4 part 2

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I’ve been expecting Subaru to just die for what feels like such a long time already! It’s just not happening!

On another note, I was wondering if Rem had really died or maybe managed to escape/hold on after all, but then Ram was nice enough to let us know that nope. Wonder when Subaru will catch on that the people killed by the 白鯨 - or maybe in the mist it created in general? - are… forgotten. Or maybe ‘erased’ is more fitting since Rem’s room is… not Rem’s room anymore?

Wonder what’s going on there.

In any case I really enjoyed the unfolding of all these events. :+1: Very unexpected and very welcome. I mean I’m sad Rem is dead (for now?), but other than all the people dying this loop is going sort of ok. It would be kind of beautiful for a less than ideal loop to be the one that remains.

I’m also enjoying putting all these spoiler blurs. Please enjoy clicking them. :slight_smile:

I may have gone overboard.


I enjoyed clicking 3 times to make that nested spoiler blur show up properly :stuck_out_tongue:
Now let’s hope no one wants to quote something from inside of them


@Naphthalene just explained how to circumvent those in another book club thread, so we’re good since we’re all following all of them right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wanna comment on next week’s content. That week did not start as I expected at all.

Not really spoilery spoilers. I don’t think.

K I’ll stop. :slight_smile:

What’s up with this book, it’s so good. Is the next one also this good?


On my phone a simple tap reveals the whole block. So… it’s fine?

Right, I remember thinking “oh god, is it going to be the loop? Not like that…” (obviously now I have the answer to that question)

I really hope as well.


Wha how :joy: Unless if it’s by quoting it manually or selecting a range before and after. I guess that would work (when there happens to be text before and after). Any easier way? I would like that, since spoiler blurs feel more satisfying.

I see that you’ve chosen the dark path too :relieved:

Overall the story doesn’t fall off, not by a long run.
Signing off from the last page of volume 9.


Apparently the easiest way is to reply to a specific post and quite the whole post, and then delete the part you don’t want to quote. :joy: sorry, still a bit convoluted.

Not how it’s intended! :joy: I’m sorry you don’t get to experience the joy of clicking on all the spoilers separately on your phone.

:eyes: sooon.

That is very good news indeed. :slight_smile:


I forgot to reply to that. I simply use the “quote whole post” function and remove the parts I don’t want.
Like so:


Convoluted but better than being forced to use summaries. They’re… misleading. Gonna start using that, thanks.
Oh, and as I mentioned, I found out that selecting a range from before the blur till after also works, and might save a bit of time. But it’s good to have the quote whole post option for when the whole thing is a spoiler blur.


Yeah, it usually doesn’t take long for him to die in the other loops. Part of me just wanted him to die so he can re-do the loop, but another was wondering what things would be like if he ended up getting to the next checkpoint.

I was wondering about the previous major battle with the holy knights against the white whale. I wonder if they knew just how many casualties they had in that one battle, because of the effect the white while has on people’s memories. Perhaps, because they’re so strong, their memories were kept intact? If that was the case, that would suck that only they would remember their friends that died, but no one else would.

I’m interested to see what happened to Rem. Hopefully nothing bad :confused:. Honestly, I can’t fully remember what happened in these parts, so it makes it all the more fun to read :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t mind if we picked up the pace, though at the moment, I’m running behind on the current SAO volume, so I can’t speed up just yet.


My guess is that If you get eaten by the white whale your existence is erased but if he just squashed you, you just die. They do remember the sword saint dying by the white whale after all.


Also it’s funny people remember the name of the Sage who planted the tree, but nothing else is remembered from him. Could be a coincidence, but me thinks he was eaten centuries ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

No spoiler because that was last week… right? (Also phone)


next week is up

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