Re Zero Volume 8 week 2

Re Zero Volume 8 Week 2

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Start Date: August 17, 2020
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Week 3 Reading: End of chapter 2 part 5

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Time: Saturday 7 PM(Japan), 5AM(USA), 12PM Europe.(could change if needed)

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Here is the next week in advance since I won’t be able to post it next week in time.

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As @mrahhal said it in the home thread before the book is getting harder to read. Every time there is a strategy meeting, my understanding just drops. Maybe it’s because since I’m now using bookwalker I can’t copy-paste in google translate anymore but I do feel is it harder to understand.

This week spoiler

I like all the interaction between Subaru and Julius. Then Felix is just there to put oil on the fire.
I also love the two cat siblings. Mimi who is super cute but super savage. Ti-bi(if that is how we are suppose to write it) that when he touch the gospel just throw it and the reaction he had was just like a cat.

In the anime

Both of them were just looting a dead body like it’s the natural thing to do. I was cute and surprising. Maybe because I can only see them as kid. I wonder how old they are.
I also liked the wordplay on 「ちびではない。チエービです。」

I have a question :
Just before the end of part 4 Subaru says:
What does ネタエグmeans? I think Subaru think that Teresia is beating Wilhelm when she is angry.
And speak about it again 4 lines after.
Am I right or not?

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ネタがエグい. It’s two words with the が particle omitted.

harsh, acrid, pungent, astringent; strong-minded, heartless, inconsiderate; nasty, gross; amazing


If it’s any consolation, yeah, at some places I had to pause more than usual especially in discussions.


Tivi, if I remember.

And ネタ usually means “content”, “material”, etc. In this case, he’s saying when stuff about the wife came up. It has a nuance close to a “gossip” or a “meme” as well.


After reading a ton to try to catch up, seems I’m now the only one that actually voted for “reading along” so far this week :laughing: (that explains the lack of comments on the previous week though)


And now I’ve read this week too :slight_smile:

With how eventless most of it was, I wouldn’t be surprised if something were to happen pretty fast in next week’s reading. It definitely feels a lot like everything just is going too smoothly, which to be honest started to feel a bit boring during the last few pages of this week

(The “previous chapter” thing in the first post loops back to this thread :eyes: @icefang97 and the thing also says “week 3 reading” instead of week 2)