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Re Zero Volume 5 Week 5

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Start Date: April 13, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: Till end of chapter 4

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Well those that wanted subaru to suffered should be happy now I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder wondering why Subaru is that broken this time around. I mean ya he saw everyone death but he returned by death so they are all good right? He was kinda good just before dying. No like he didn’t already died once. He seemed good until he realised he came back.

I know I’m saying it a lot but… REM BEST GIRL. She still care for him when he is crazy. It’s nice to get what Rem is thinking. None of that insight was in the anime so. The character is gaining a lot of depths. And one of the favorite character is coming next chapter.

Not so much spoilers (for this week that is) as my thoughts about your thoughts. Also thoughts in general, mostly about Subaru's decline

I very much disagree - he was in so much denial about all the death at the village that we as the reader only learned about it in sort of disjointed pieces. I think Subaru has been falling apart for a long long time. Going back in time undoes all the things, yes, but it doesn’t erase the experience, the memories, the trauma. And since no one else remembers, and he literally cannot even talk to anyone about any of it, he never gets to actually deal with any of that.

So, while I am very much annoyed by his tendency to self-pity and not working on himself (such as,you know, addressing the trauma? Not ignore reality?), this breakdown is very understandable to me. When your coping strategy within all this madness is this flimsy (‘doing it all for Emilia’), and then even that flimsy bit of stability is taken away (when she tells him that no, he’s not even really seeing her, but imposing this ideal image on her), well. We could see what that did to him in this volume, even before the village happened.


I like how we realised their death. Took some time for me to understand why he wasn’t reacting to their death. It was really a good way of showing denial.

I was thinking that is trauma is losing someone but then they come back alive so no trauma maybe? Or maybe this is why he is denying everything, because he can undo it. That is just my opinion though.
On another note we learned that only Rem and Beatrice seems to notice the witch scent. I don’t remember the reason though.

Spoilers and stuff

I agree I’m liking Rem more and more. She is sticking by Subaru’s side even though he’s essentially a vegetable. Her reasoning is she is repaying back his kindness and that she believes he can recover. It was good to see Subaru showing a small sign that he’s recovering, when he shifted himself from the trailer to Rem’s side during the night.

Yeah, the moment he lost his main reason for living, it was only a matter of time before breaking. It certainly didn’t help when he found that massacre, and then to top it off, dying a horrible death.

In regards to Rem, it was explained in the part when she was thinking back on why Subaru suddenly broke down in the street. She said she noticed the witch’s scent. It was the same scent from the night her village was attacked by the witch cult. I’m not sure about Beatrice, though I’d be interested to read about how she encountered the scent before.


next week is up

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I’m only 1/4th of the way through this week (catching up!) so I won’t check the spoilers just yet, but it’s nice to get a confirmation that only a few people can feel the witch smell coming from Subaru.