Re Zero Volume 4 week 7

Re Zero Volume 4 Week 7

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Start Date: March 2, 2020
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Week 7 Reading: Till the end

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Time: Saturday 10 PM(Japan), 8AM(USA), 3PM Europe.

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This week was so satisfying!


I honestly had more than enough with Subaru’s shenanigans, and seeing him getting rekt both physically and mentally was cathartic.
Also, the epilogue completely changed my image of ユリウス. He became one of favorite characters in one shot.
Anyway, onward to a completely different set of characters as we move to the カルステン estate. Hopefully they can hammer some good sense into Subaru.




Building him up in the previous arcs in such a way to grow his ego, and then to start showing us bit by bit the flaws in his character. Subaru’s mindset was a volcano of self satisfying thoughts awaiting to explode in the right circumstances. And ユリウス was the perfect instigator for this. (And the epilogue revealing his true intentions is great, changing the apparent meaning of his actions)

Emilia also did great here, unfazed, directly telling Subaru what he should hear. Emilia’s sentence that stuck with me the most was (roughly) “The version of me that lives inside of your mind must be perfect.”
Which exactly describes Subaru. He expects her to understand him even when he can’t tell her anything.


I like the scene at the end when Emilia and Subaru are talking together. It’s the clear opposite of the end of the other book with Rem and Subaru. The setting is mostly the same. Subaru is wounded and there is someone who his watching over him. In the first Rem is talking to him about his problem while he listen and help her while in the second he is the one talking about his feeling but Emilia do not give him what he want. I liked that kinda switche in role but also in reaction. On another note, I was surprise because in the anime the last scene with Julius was not there. Make me like him a little more and ot’s nice info.


Ok, guess I should start using the drop-down spoiler.


I felt sorry for Subaru when he was trying to explain to Emilia the reason for him always trying to repay a debt back to her, and him not being able to because of the 死に戻る. But then, Subaru showed his true colours, and started saying “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be here!” It all was to serve his self-ego. At least Subaru was admitting it in his mind, so that’s a good thing. I’m glad this is all coming out now, so Subaru can (hopefully) work on his faults and become a better person.

It was good to see Julius’ deeper intentions. It wasn’t just some vain act when he was fighting Subaru.

Also, looks like Rem is staying behind with Subaru, so at least Subaru still has a familiar face with him after Emilia leaving.


I’m honored I started this.


Can’t imagine what it would be like without Rem! Maybe at least that will keep him from drowning further. Rem is loving but also very rational, which is exactly what you need in this situation.


I KNEW IT!!! Rem best girl.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::hugs: This is why I’m shipping Subaru-Rem instead of Subaru-Emilia. Join me comrade.


Can’t really choose right now, we’ll see what happens with time :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t need to choose. Just repeat after me. Rem best girl.

Easy right?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I do not have any character I like that much. :thinking: I also do not ship Subaru, at least not as he is right now.



Well I’m looking forward to getting into the last chapter now! :joy:


So what level of Japanese do you need to be to attend the reading? Is it all in Japanese or is each line read in English, then Japanese?

Are you perhaps new to WaniKani book clubs? The book clubs don’t read bilingual books (as far as I know). This is just a regular Japanese light novel. And it’s a bit harder than the standard. In terms of WK book club difficulty, this is ranked as advanced.


Also it’s not like we all read together, it’s not like we “attend the reading”. We each read in our own time but we discuss the contents in threads like this. If someone chooses to read both the Japanese version, and the English translation, that’s totally up to them. There is a “reading aloud” session on discord every weekend but that is just in Japanese. Theoretically someone could join just the reading aloud session, if they’re super advanced and could understand everything on the fly, but afaik, nobody’s doing that.
(Also I’m two volumes behind so I haven’t joined in forever, forgive me senpais).


Yeah, I’m new. Just started learning Japanese a few weeks ago.

So, I’m assuming you would need to study Japanese for about 2 to 3 years to join the book club?

Also, if this is for people on an advanced level, and all of the content in this comments section is relatively simply, then why doesn’t everyone speak in Japanese on this post?

That depends on fast you are in your studies. I don’t think I would have been able to handle this book anytime before the level I had after 5 years of study, and I only reached the level to read it comfortably after 8 years. I’m not saying it’s impossible in 2 years, just some people (i.e., me) are much slower than that.

The official language of the forum is English, so outside of the “Japanese Only” section people tend to use English. Additionally, people are probably more familiar with producing English, so that we can write faster more nuanced and accurate posts. Finally, I don’t even think writing in Japanese here would be useful as an exercise, since there wouldn’t be anyone to help correct what we say. :thinking:


Next week is up Re Zero Volume 4 post reading discussion


I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is Japanese just that absurdly hard to write, or are you just learning at a more relaxed pace? If you are learning at a rigorous pace, I would assume it would only take 3 or 4 years at most to be able to read a book in Japanese (with words here and there that you have to look up, of course). No offense to you, just saying that most other languages seem to take way less time to get to that level of reading.

Depends on the person, depends on the learning pace, depends on what they focus on during the learning process. It’s hard to quantify it as a general rule that applies to everyone. Let’s assume the theory that you need to spend 10000 hours to master something is correct.
Someone who spends 1 hour of learning per day will get there twice as slow as someone who spends 2 hours. In my first year I could spend over 5 hours a day with no problem because I had a lot of free time. Nowadays I find it hard to find 1 hour. Life does get in the way. Or sometimes you focus on the wrong thing and neglect other areas of study. It’s highly subjective.
In order to read comfortable you need two things. Enough kanji/vocab knowledge to be able to parse the content into individual words, and enough grammar knowledge to be able to understand how the words are connected (and the difficulty of this varies based on the content). If you know around 90% or more of what you’re reading and have to look up the remaining 10%, I’d call that a comfortable pace. This book being on the advanced side, just requires that much more previous knowledge in order to read comfortably.


I mean… At the very least, it’s a well known fact that Japanese’s writing system is quite harder than most other languages. It only makes sense. Even if you’re learning it full time, it’s just hard to reach a comfortable reading ability.


Even after learning lots of Kanji, you still need to read them a lot in context. Kanji are contextualized and readings change often depending on what’s behind or ahead. There’s also no spaces so you have to be at a decent level to even know where the words start or end.