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Re Zero Volume 4 Week 5

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Start Date: February 17, 2020
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Week 5 Reading: Till end of chapter 4 part 4

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Engage Hyper 妾 mode! Divert all energy to the front… canons I guess.
Also, looking forward to Emilia’s turn. I wonder if she will let Subaru be her knight… or if he will have the balls to step forward (although I’m a lot more confident he will). I forgot, but Puck was supposed to be her official knight?

Part spoilers

Puck her official knight? Nope, I don’t remember so (maybe it appeared as a fleeting joke but can’t remember anything about that).

I wonder if she will let Subaru be her knight…

With how things are going, Emilia’s conduct appears to be much more grounded than ever before. She’s been trying to make Subaru step back, but he keeps on thinking he’s her only ally.

Till now, I thought that クルシュ’s ideas were the best. She might be too much military-focused, but not depending on the pact seems like a wise idea when leading a kingdom to an unknown future where anything can happen.

This was much denser than the adaptation, I liked the details. Seriously, I think what we saw in the anime was only like 5% of this (understandable for the anime medium). It’s nice how completely different each candidate’s incentives are. Also looking forward to Emilia’s. And oh, there’s also フェルト.


Okay, I probably made that up, then. Since everyone is supposed to have a knight, I guessed she has one too… but nothing came to mind. I first thought of Rosewald, but I think he is more of a patron or something? Then, somehow, I had the vague impression someone at some point mentioned Puck (maybe himself) being her protector? But I was racking my brain so much, and it felt so vague that I probably just imagined it.

I also like クルシュ‘s plan the best so far, and it is compatible with the plan of Rosewald to kill the dragon (? Did I imagine that too? I think it was in a meeting with the red-haired maid whose name I somehow forgot already at the end of the last volume)

Boy is my memory unreliable.

Calling it now: Felt is gonna go go frick yoselves, I’m going home.


I was reading you theory and then all of a sudden it disapeared ha ha.

I also really like Krush’s plan for the kingdom. I liked anastasia’s one too. I am probably more on Krush’s side though. I’m surprise no one talked about Feris’ secret :stuck_out_tongue: I was surprise when I watched the anime and Subaru’s reaction is gold. To answer Naphthalene’s question you will hear about Emilia’s knight in the next part. And I do not remember anything about killing the dragon though. Anime or book


The thing about the dragon was in the scene late at night where Ram and Roswaal were watching Subaru and Emilia talking in the courtyard from the window. Roswaal commented about his long-awaited desire to kill the sacred dragon.


Thanks for the info. Looks like a missed an important part there


Waa? I didn’t remove anything though??

Re: Feris, I was more annoyed by the fact that the outing is played for laughs. In real life, this kind of situation where you have to use your official name happen, and they are soul crushing for trans people. At the same time, I realize that it is a trope, so I didn’t waste too much brain power on that. And I was happy with Krush’s opinion of it. Krush for Miko-slash-King 2020! (Or whatever year it is in universe, I feel it has been mentioned but can’t remember that either)


Did you edit it? I realised that the text was still there but the blurred that I was reading just blurred himself back. Like when you refresh the back unblurred thext go back to been blurred or scrolled text rescroll themselves.

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Oh! Not exactly. I thought of adding something, clicked the edit button, but then decided not to and canceled. I guess that still does something on the server-side, then :thinking:


There is a very very good backstory. It was shown as the same old trope here (Krusch’s comment was nice though), but there’s a really good EX novel about it.


All of the candidates so far had good points (except Priscilla :joy:). クルシュ is smart for worrying about the future with a dragon they know hardly anything about. Anastasia would definitely benefit the country with her wealth, and keeps aiming higher to satisfy her greed, which in Yurisu’s opinion is a good thing.

Also, we got to hear a bit about アル’s back story! It seems most of his life he’s been stuck as a gladiator/slave and sustained a lot of scars. It’s amazing he’s made it this far. I doubt Subaru would’ve survived those conditions. Bet he’s feeling fortunate now with his 死に戻り. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to Emilia’s speech. No doubt Subaru will step forward. He has a lot of nice things to say, but I think Puck would be best because of the long relationship.


next week is up