Re Zero Volume 4 week 7

It’s also worth bearing in mind that reading ability does not equal writing ability :wink: lots of people practise their receptive language skills a lot more than their productive skills, so many people are pretty decent readers of Japanese but have little experience writing it.


I don’t mind the question at all!

Depends on what you mean by “relaxed”. As someone who started learning Japanese as an adult with little free time, that felt more like an “as fast as you can” type of pace. Plus, it’s not a linear process, the more time you can devote to it, the more impact said time will have. Conversely, in my case I often felt like I was making one step forward one step back most of the time. Also, I wasn’t necessarily efficient in the way I was studying; I should have used SRS way earlier than I did. Anyway, still made it to N1+, so it’s not like I care too much about it. In my situation, trying to aim for efficiency could have made me burn out, for instance, so that I would have been going much faster… nowhere.