Re zero Volume 4 Week 6

Re Zero Volume 4 Week 6

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Start Date: February 24, 2020
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Week 6 Reading: Till end of chapter 4

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Well, Emilia’s introduction didn’t go at all like I expected.


But it was more impressive than expected.

I was wondering but who would you vote if you could chose one right now?

  • Krush
  • Priscillia
  • Emilia
  • Felt
  • Anastasia

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What was your impression of the election?

I found Krush and Anastasia’s one really good. These two seem to have pretty good ideas. Priscilla wants to rule on luck so… I have no idea how she wants to improved anything. I have no idea what are Emilia’s plan and for Felt… I’m not the anarchy type. I think I prefer Krush because it’s seems to be the most pressing matter. She was also humble enough to apologies when she was wrong. I’m also not a fan of Julius. Felix is a better knight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also The head of the council that was able to remain calm after everything that happened. I would have run away. He gets threatened people claiming that they will destroy everything, random guys before unpleasant. He took everything with a straight face and even laugh at some point. He must be buddha.


Re: voting:
I mean… I’m French. Révolution.


Definitely Crusch at the top. Anastasia had a very interesting claim. Priscilla has outragous opinions but apparently, it’s true that she has the favor of the gods or something, put simply, luck is on her side in her life.

I’m beginning to prefer using the “Hide Details” component instead of the spoiler one, because it’s so hard to quote people when they use the spoiler tag.

Part Spoiler

I don’t know what to say about Felt :joy: I do like how she’s the complete opposite of an 甘えん坊. And Reinhard on her side adds a huge advantage to her camp.

Emilia’s is heartfelt but in application there are many variables, and her looks will be a major hinderance.


The Julius vs Subaru was so good. Julius was the first in this world to tell Subaru, who has become used to proudly talk about his weaknesses, that it’s something to be ashamed of. Subaru finally receiving the harshest rejection, the cold treatment from Emilia. His intentions are good, but his overflowing passion of wanting to help her is becoming overbearing, and even making him act like a complete idiot in front of real 騎士たち, and harming Emilia’s standing. The worst part, that’s all he’s got, as he’s completely powerless. Looking forward to the next chapter: [自称騎士、ナツキ・スバル』


Never knew you were French ha ha(IMaybe I missed the joke)
I’m not against the revolution because of how the noble are treating the poor people but Just destroying everything without any plan to change it can only lead to the same or a similar result. In my opinon. Just need to look at how many revolution France had to make

I realized that you were not using blurred anymore. Maybe I should do like you went I’m quoting someone.


Interesting seeing the poll results.

I feel like Emilia should be given a chance, since she has been studying quite vigorously for this very role. With her power alone, she would be good at defending the country too, I think. The others seem a bit unprepared. Though, I would definitely choose Krush as my next choice.

I do feel sorry for Subaru, Julius really put him in his place. Though, as mrahhal said, probably necessary. Definitely a learning moment for Subaru.

I caught something interesting when Emilia was re-introducing herself after her act with Puck. She said: エリオール大森林の永久凍土の世界で長い時間を過ごし、火のマナを司る大精霊パックを従える銀色の髪のハーフエルフ。
I was wondering if anyone knew about this world Emilia is talking about? Is it an actual other world, or just some remote place on the other side of the world? This makes me want to learn more about Emilia’s story.


So, this wasn’t talked about much, but yes it’s a place in the woods far away from cities. I was surprised at エリオール森林の永久凍土で長い時間を過ごし. I didn’t know this comes up this early in the story. And, the 2nd OVA is related to that as it talks about Emilia and Puck’s meeting.

Emilia backstory related spoiler

Isn’t that the movie memory of snow by any chance?

“Memory Snow” is OVA1, it’s just a side story before arc 3. The one you’re talking about is OVA2, “Frozen Bonds” (only came out in Japanese cinemas).


so many side stories i’m getting lost in all of these. :exploding_head:

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Psst. Someone is maybe forgetting to do something :eyes:


Sorry I just move in and I had no internet. I was somehow lucky enough to move to a building where one of my friend was also living in and he lend me his internet. So yeah sorry i’m on it


Next week is up

Btw am I am the only one that realize that 6 people voted that they are reading but 10 people voted for who would rule the country? I know that everyone who vote do not follow the debate but damn guys :sweat_smile:

I also find it fund that we are voting for the extrems. Either military rules or anarchy.(And one Emilia) No one llikes economie or luck. Even if luck is the most broken power.


Haven’t read the last couple pages of chapter 4 yet (the last sub chapter 4.9), but I came to vent and you said what I’m feeling about Subaru’s conduct in this chapter perfectly. :smiley:

It’s like he’s built himself around this idea, and now it’s all coming down. I hope he builds himself up stronger and better.

Gonna finish this chapter later today. :slight_smile: