Re Zero Volume 2 week 5

It is considered noticeably difficult. :sweat:
There’s no harm in trying though. If you find it too much you can always go for easier books for a while and then come back later.


Thank you for answering! Then I’ll probably start with easier books and come back later. I still need to improve my grammar a bit :smile:


The language is very casual, and uses a lot of slang, contractions, and stuff that’s hard to pick up from a beginner’s textbook (or even an advanced one). If you’re familiar with very casual Japanese (from anime/manga, etc) you could give it a try. Here’s a sample from the first book, judge for yourself if you can manage it:


I just checked it out and it seems a bit too difficult for me, but thanks for the link anyway, I was proud to see that I already understood some sentences :slight_smile: I will definitely come back and read re:zero as soon as I have improved my Japanese.


I had another question at the beginning of chapter 4 part 3

When Emilia, Subaru and puke speaks together

It’s kind of long, so please bear with me.

Emilia :「へぇ。遅いなーって思っててくれたってことは、待っててくれたって思っていいん?」
Lots of て in that sentence. How can you put so much in one plz think of 外人 reading it :sob: :

“eh! you said you thought you were late so you thought it was ok to wait ?”

Subaru「えっと、違うわよ? 確かにお礼を言わなきゃって思ってたし、下手に私が動いてすれ違ったら嫌だなって思ったりもしたけど、ここに残ってたのはたまたまなの」

礼 = thanks/gratitude
下手= unskill
残る = to remain
“hum, is it wrong?(in the sense of it’s the right thing to do) Certainly, I thought that I had to thanks you. As unskilled as I am if I made a wrong movement it thought it could be bad. So I occasionaly stay here.”

paku :「そ、たまたまだよ、スバル。色々と理由つけてボクの毛繕いを長引かせたり、微精霊相手に同じ話を何回もしてぐったりさせたり……それも全部、たまたまなんだって」

理由 = reason
毛繕い = grooming onself
長引かせる= to prolong

“sure occasionaly subaru. For a lot of reason I prolong my grooming, I have the same conversation with small spirit(or whatever their real names is) there are all on occasion.” (I suspect this sentence is a sacarsm by puke)

I’m not sure if the speaker I identified is the good one.

Thanks for your help

I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but this is almost always said about others not oneself.

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First 2 speakers are reversed :sweat_smile:

Emilia starts by saying that she heard Rem and Ram coming, but they’re being 遅いな~



Subaru: Hmm. Saying that “they’re late”, is it ok to say that you’ve been waiting for me?

「えっと、違うわよ? 確かにお礼を言わなきゃって思ってたし、下手に私が動いてすれ違ったら嫌だなって思ったりもしたけど、ここに残ってたのはたまたまなの」

Emilia: No? It’s true that I should thank you, and that if I moved randomly I might mess them etc, so me waiting here is only a coincidence.


Puck: Yes, it’s a coincidence, Subaru. All kinds of things happened, she prolonged grooming me, talked about the same things with the lesser spirits again and again, all of that, is a coincidence.

BTW. たまたま is accidentally, たまに is occasionally.


Finally reached this week! I should be on time for the next week :slight_smile:


Next week is up


I didn’t get a chance to read any of this week’s content while I was away on a trip (at least I managed to somewhat keep up with my SRS :sob:), but I did finish chapter 3 today. I’ll probably catch up again next week. :slight_smile: